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Sorry. Facebook like button 113 trillion times. Since it was created in 2009. Morgan, you were close monitor. I had my ego Kandhamal. Rhonda. Happy birthday to you. I'm sorry You didn't win, but I had a lot of fun talking with you. I had a lot of fun with you guys. Thank you. So much for all the positivity and nor really appreciate if you to appreciate that. All right. There she is. Rhonda. Everybody go, Rhonda. Latest from Nashville and Hollywood number 2 37 Marley. Winners of the awards were announced. Thomas Rhett one video of the year music event of the year went to Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, Ashley McBride to Neil Towns Kaylie Hammock and L. King for their collaboration, and Hillary Lindsey, one songwriter of the year. Keith Urban is set to debut his single one too many with pink during the awards. He talks about collaborating with her. I love pink, Just love her voice always have that when I first heard her voice on that song, I couldn't believe it just was absolutely stunning. Almost like that song was written for her John Party is releasing a deluxe version of his Heartache Medication album on October 2nd. I will have three new songs, including a Western version of his song Ain't Always The Cowboy. Always. They got no settled down there. Morgan, number two. That's your skinny. Jason Aldean talks about being a do it all down. You know, I forgot how much they eat. Like all the time. And like, every two hours does Jason Aldean change diapers for sure? Ok, full throttle that I'm going to do it all. Do you know the art ever? I don't do that. Okay. Bones for.

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