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He knows sound scary. And this is the thing. Jeremy Irons is a Januarius scars when la- great creepy guy voices and Genucel is as yours an amazing actor, but I don't know what he has the false. I quite liked his just richness of tone in that voice. The the really got me though, was was hearing James l Jones as there's only one fasten. And he is not that that was the the trial. That got me. I'm just I'm not hugely excited about this. Otherwise, I wasn't excited by the jungle book, and I really enjoyed it. So yeah, also is going to give us can you feel tonight by beyond say, featuring cellist Gumby. No. So I'm in. I'm absolutely speaking of Gumbiner, by the way, the morning after you listen to this. If you listen to this on Friday on Saturday morning. Donald Glover is dropping new film clumsy gold glove. Yeah. Hopefully picks it up at some point knows coming. To Amazon studios, Amazon prime Amazon film that don't glove and reenter and Letitia rights. And yet it's called Quadra island. He's also headlining Coachella. This weekend's kinda ties in its from the director of the absolutely incredible. This is America video in lows of episodes of Lancer, cycled hero Mirai, and we kind of know nothing about it at this point. But in the days after you, listen to this it will be available to stream on prime glitter film, kind of dropping out the actual an actual film. And I imagine there will be some kind of music component or an album tie in. But say, yeah, a feature film project. Good lord. He makes me feel like an underachiever. I mean, a lot of people do in fairness, but particularly in. Yeah, he is like one of the most hyphenated multi hyphen which stick on his on his way Kapiti age. Okay. That's that's pretty cool kind talk about some some sad news. Yeah. Some sad news. News for me. Anyway, that after thirteen years together as a creative partnership out of McCain will Farrell or going to separate ways about study said actually has has been any reason why given I think that old gentler just growing apart creatively. A little bit may be. This is the mid announcement last week. So they've been working together for years and years and years and years and years feral, obviously as one of the stars of SNL the time he was working on it. Mckay was the head writer SNL may just clicked acidy clicked than they've made tons of movies together anchorman. I commend to Telladega nights the other guys debt brothers and they've got a production company together as well called Gary Sanchez, which is produced lots of really good comedies and some less. Good comedies. And they were together. They pioneered funnier died the the website as well. But yeah, if you look at the way mckay's career is going they're both political guys. They did that George Bush show on Broadway years ago where Farrell played Bush, but mckay's, Phil. Recently have been the big short and Feis and they've moved away from the humor of anchorman and step brothers and films like that and Farrell may be still in direct. Yeah. So maybe they've just gone look. Okay. I'm I'm over here. Doing what I'm doing? You're over here you're doing I'm going to form this company, you're going from this company. But they've they've said they're going to remain great friends, and hopefully, though work together again a stretcher in star down the line. Definitely I love them together. But yeah, a single tear ruled out cheek when I heard that news fry said, we should have a fucking Catalina wine mixer in their on a fucking Catalina. Why mix fucking Catalina wine makes absolutely have to stick the explicit. Brave him this one this. I have better news might cheer you up. Chris back together again that was going different different news. But it might still chillier. I know how much your Hawkeye and their came the news this week that Disney, plus the streaming service that Disney is about to launch will also have a whole Kyle limited series. They obviously lining up a whole heap of limited series of sort of vendors offs on this joins that selection. Who I mean, this is interesting..

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