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The health watch. Having a new baby can be a time of joy. But for one in five women postpartum depression may interfere. Now, the FDA has approved a new drug to treat the condition and Lauren Osborne. A postpartum depression expert at Johns Hopkins says a better understanding of how the condition develops is. Also emerging the clear biological thing. That happens is childbirth. When women go through pregnancy, their levels of reproductive hormones rise enormously across the course of the pregnancy, then within about twenty-four hours after childbirth. Those hormone levels crash down about a thousand fold over that twenty four hour period. We think it's that hormone crash that in some women is triggering an episode of postpartum depression. There's some women who are particularly vulnerable to that transition. But we haven't quite figured out. What makes women vulnerable Osborne welcomes the newly approved drug called Zo wrestle to help. At Johns Hopkins. I'm elizabeth. Tracy. It's two twenty five congressman democratic congressman Jerrold Nadler of New York is continuing his demand for the release of the full Muller report on CNN state of the union this morning Nadler, who is chairman of the House Judiciary committee said US attorney general William buyer is acting like President Trump's special agent he believes bars conclusions from the report that there isn't enough evidence to say Trump obstructed Justice is not enough the attorney general when he started talking completely without evidence as he said about spying on the Trump campaign when he wouldn't let he meant was executing judicially ordered warrants showed his his bias in the fact is really acting as a personal agent to the president rather than the attorney general the United States. He believes the House Judiciary committee should see the entire report. And underlying evidence argues that one of the roles of the committee is to see all evidence and decide what information should be released. I to the public firefighters dive seems from Saugus. Cambridge in Stoneham. Searched upon pond on golden hills road and Saugus yesterday. After a caller reported seeing kids playing in a canoe that was later seen capsized with no children in sight turned out to be false alarm after an extensive search. Rescuers did not find anyone still ahead. Two men shot to death on a quiet street and a pan last night. We have details coming up..

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