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I don't know what the number was before it's a good question. Anybody want take a stab at google. It i know that we drafted kyle brady ethic with the sixteenth. Pick at penn state. Yes he's got to be up. There was heath miller a first round draft choice. How about a green green green applied for the dolphins. Clean green. Green eric green. I don't know how long how long ago was that. He played for the eagles the dolphins and it was it was green. I don't think the name. I if if we're thinking of the same dude highs drafted tight end anyway. Call pits had an eighty three and three eighths inches wingspan. By the way that's a longer wings belongings wingspan than any wide receiver or tight. End in the nfl. In the last twenty years of you're all about wing spans. If you're all of our links fans keith. Jackson maybe what what was. He was seeing a jeremy. Stevens drafted by the seahawks. In the first round in two thousand to two shocked chaki. Shockey was up there. He was. I think it was higher than that. Jeremy stevens can't be. I go with the same thing. Jeremy stevens came up first round. Pick twenty eight cannot be the highest. It just can't be. Let's see shockey jeremy shockey. I need to know this now before we go to the break. I have to know. Jeremy shockey was drafted. Pick number fourteen in the first row. Green was picked number. Twenty one in the first round eric. Ebron selected ninth overall is another one north carolina. I'm seeing tj hopkinson number ten overall but ryan. Yep so you add eric. Green was first round. Pick number twenty one by the steelers back in nineteen ninety then played for the dolphins and play for the ravens. Then play for the jets have got the answer. Okay vernon davis university of marilyn san francisco forty niners number eight.

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