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Work with match as good as anybody. But it just didn't have the interest of the guy that was making the decisions. Well, next up, mass number two, we got Miguel Perez Jesus Castillo and Jose Estrada junior of the Lois baruch was taking on the disciples of apocalypse chain skull and 8 ball, he goes 7 minutes and 57 seconds. Mercifully, it was over. The match was not good, but the finish was, according to Dave Meltzer, it gets a quarter of a star. We said that Vince lost interest in the light heavyweight. I'll lost interest in gang wars. It's time to put a bullet in these. I'm with you. I'll sign off on that one too. Enough is enough. I can't stand this anymore. Next up, we've got butterbean and Mark mero in what Meltzer would call an almost hilarious and the sense of all the political red tape involved in the billing of this match. It couldn't be called a boxing match because boxing is regulated and theoretically it can't be worked. It couldn't be called a boxing exhibition because butterbean had a fight if he could call it that the previous night in athletics in Atlantic City and the athletic commissions wouldn't allow anyone to take two boxing matches that close together. So instead they call it a tough man contest. But the problem is they're using these giant gloves instead of 12 ounce gloves. We use a 16s. Yeah, maybe an 18 Meltzer even freestyles. The point is, though, it's a four round tough man contest and it ends with a low blow in round four, ten seconds in. So butter bean gets the win by DQ. This is just not good. Is this Rousseau's idea? Is this something Vince was for? I don't remember his idea Conrad. It didn't work. Yeah. It didn't work. As simple as that, hell, I don't know whose idea it was. Maybe we can there's an examiner in a shit all over him. That might be something we're interested in today. I don't know. I'm for it. Who would you like to shit on? Let's just pick a name out of a hat and we'll take turns. Oh man. Have you ever seen this boxing gimmick work in wrestling? I'm not trying to sound like a fucking know at all, but like anytime we're gonna work boxing, it feels like it always comes off hokey. The only time that I can remember anything worth really investing your time and in the finals with Mark Gunn and butterbean. But that was real. It was real. But I mean, as far as they worked boxing match in wrestling, that's kind of, eh, is it not? Yeah, yeah. But we did a lot of. I can't disagree. Meltzer felt the same as we did. He gave this a dud and said, yeah, there's got to be a method to the madness here somewhere. Next up. We're still trying to find out all these years later. And we still undiscoverable. It is. So speaking of undiscoverable, what the hell were we thinking? Goldust is going to come out with Luna and they're going to do an interview where goldust is going to read from Dr. Seuss's green eggs and ham. Yep. Well, that's on pay per view next up. We got Billy Gunn and Jesse James. The new age outlaws as they're going to become retaining the WWF tag team titles, baiting the legion of doom by the hue and ten minutes and 33 seconds. It too gets a dud rating, but Meltzer would say, go to James or do for an even bigger push in the future. And they get the belts because Lod is going to be taken off to the books after this week and take a relatively short hiatus. But still, this is the coming out party in this era for the new age outlaws. I don't think anybody would have probably predicted how high they would get. But these are two guys who've been around the company for quite a while and you've been looking for something for them, whether it was rockabilly or the roadie and it's like when this happened, this is exactly what you guys and they have been looking for, right? Yeah, it was. They found their calling. And they're calling was never decided by their lack of skills. Billy and Brian outstanding performers. Outstanding performers. And they were hungry as Charles Barkley would say. Sometimes when you're hungry, you get hangry. Yes. And they had it. They had spent their paid their dues, the lack of a better overused cliche. And they were looking for something that was going to help make them more money. And become a bigger stars. And I think we found it in a new age outlaw. They clicked. They clicked and it worked. Next up, we got hunter here sounds like baiting sergeant slaughter in a boot camp match. It goes way too damn long, 17 minutes and 39 seconds. Meltzer would say they didn't miss as many moves or have a total lack of psychology, but they booked this to go way too long, and because of Sarge's physical condition, nobody really took him seriously. Meltzer would say he thinks slaughters at least 40 pounds overweight. He's 49 years old, or at least that's what they're building a man's, but it looks like he's moving in slow motion, quote, almost like watching a guy trying to do a pro wrestling match while in a swimming pool, either way, though, when it's all said and done, the pedigree on the chair gets it finished or China comes along and hits a low blow to set all that up. Negative two stars, you know, listen, you're trying to call something that's bowling shoe ugly with a guy who's a comrade of yours, sergeant slaughter, we're all trying to make chicken salad here now. Pretty much. Yeah, pretty much. I'm glad Sarge got boots. I'm glad Sarge got another few moments in the spotlight. But I'm with you. A better story could have been told in a shorter length of time. And 17 minutes is entirely too long. Considering Sarge's age is fiscal conditioning and so forth. It was a significant victory. We tried to put Sarge over as this legendary guy and thought we did a decent job of that. But it was just too long. It was just too long. It didn't need to be as long as it was. Jeff Jarrett is out next, he's going to beat the undertaker. That's right. Jeff Jarrett bait the undertaker, but by the hue in 6 minutes and 56 seconds because as you see there, if you're watching on YouTube, Kane comes down and interferes, chokeslams Jarrett, so Jeff becomes the winner by DQ. It's all about setting up this collision course of Kane and the undertaker, but boy Dave can't help himself and take some shots at Jeff Jarrett. He says, after undertaker left, Jarrett got to strut in the ring, and if you look up the phrase, quote unquote, not getting over in your dictionary. I'll have a photo of Jared in that Mayan Indian outfit next to the phrase. What do you think of this odd attire that Jeff Jarrett was wearing here? It was perplexing. It was perplexing. I never did understand the exact reasoning for some of these things. But we can say that about a lot of stuff we've talked about here today. Here's a mystery. Sometimes I look back on a Conrad and I

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