Benjamin Mitchell, Kennedy, Florida discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir - Full Episode: Thursday, October 26, 2017


Two throughout exercising three they heard gunshots and number four they just murder benjamin mitchell and victory kennedy was with us live tonight from florida and victor the police this evening urging the public to look closely at these new videos out tonight david police want the public to study every detail from the way this person walks to the way they dress even the flip of that phone they're hoping someone recognizes something familiar that can help practice case david victor our thanks to you again tonight and we move on this evening to the discovery of homemade explosive and the alleged high school plot foiled two teenagers accused of planning a deadly attack with very specific targets fellow students and teachers and here's abc's steve olsen saw me from georgia tonight these two 17yearold seen here at their first court appearance is in georgia are accused tonight of attempted murder in a plot to blow up their school police say that out for duprey in victoria mccurry had made up a list of teachers and students they were planning to target with explosives at etewa high school in the north atlanta suburbs this would have been a columbine type incident real hero in my opinion is a person of made the initial call on the tip investigators say helpful tip led them to his personal diary spelling out their plants they also say they found a homemade explosive in her home i just couldn't believe it is a new both of those kids they both ruin my bus on the curley social media pages are signs there may have been an issue images celebrating the columbine high school killers another picture of columbine killer dylan klebold with the message outrun my gun.

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