President Trump, Florida, Dodgers discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Confident and carefree. President Trump will leave Washington today. Hours before President elect Biden takes office. President Trump will fly to West Palm Beach this morning There will be a departure ceremony for him at joint base Andrews before he boards the presidential plane. Breaking from tradition. He will not attend his successors inauguration for much of his flight to Florida. The president will still be president. Upon landing in Florida. He's expected to take the short ride to his home at the Mar, a Lago Club, which is now listed as his permanent and primary residence in Broward County, Florida. Evan Brown Fox News China's billionaire Jack mom, makes his first public appearance in nearly three months. Chinese media reporting that Ma spoke today via video link at a philanthropic event. First time. Ma has appeared in public since October, 24th when he made a controversial speech criticizing China's financial regulators and infuriating China's leadership. Mandatory evacuations ordered in parts of Northern California, where crews are trying to contain multiple wildfires. More than a dozen fires broke out this week as hurricane strength winds Extremely dry conditions and hot temperatures Stoke the Flames and Hall of Fame pitcher Don Sutton dies at 75 Don Sutton's first season in the majors was spent in the L. A Dodgers starting pitching rotation with the likes of Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale and Claude hosting he would strike out 209 batters that season at that time, the most by a rookie pitcher. You're going to stand with the Houston Astros. Milwaukee Brewers Oakland Athletics, then California Angels before coming back to the doctors for two more seasons and calling it a career in 1988 sudden would go on to the broadcast booth for the Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1998, the same year that the Dodgers would retire his number 20 Man, Napolitano, Fox News, and I'm Carmen Roberts, and this.

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