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And finally in health news measles. Outbreak is underway. Three hundred thirty three cases in fifteen states. Hey leah. Yeah. How're you doing? I'm good. How are you? Really good. Appreciate you text in the show and calling the show. What what's your question? My question was for lunch box since been on the air for so on what motivated him to stay with it. Confused working at Jason silly was making more there than he was just I don't sleeping in the background screaming. Every once in a while were you making more money at Jason's deli than you are here not anymore. I used to when I I quit. I was like man, I'm making so much money. Jason's deli and it was straight cash. Should I give that up to be on the radio? And I headed the bait myself a couple days related yourself. Yes. I was like pros and cons said, you know, what I'll give this radio thing shot, and what do you not became famous? So that's why stuck with it. He he does what he does pretty well now. Now back in the day. Everybody took a pay cut. Oh, pay to join the show Amy ticket pay Amy was working selling grain had a good sales job. Yeah. We like moved in with our parents job loss. Go. Yeah. We were all broken. I got married not helped. That's a good point Lille like for those that are new to the show. We were all broke..

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