Syrian Government, Damascus, Kuta discussed on BBC Newshour


There is no frontlines is that no military residences so they are really civilly analysis rival targeting people's homes rather than military targets he say there is no military targeting never but the syrian government says it said targeting islamist militant says targeting those that are trying to shell damascus and have been shelling damascus and killing people that i think there is the give roofs that the the regime targets civileians photos go viral owns media all telling that the regime is targeting the civilians not military laces so where all the militants that they must be there somewhere in eastern kuta similar plans are all in the front lines around surrounding good stan who call not in the middle of stern old thought for exam a they are in the frontline of f joe bar alomar's area but the the bombardment is not right there but do you blame a told people like josh alislam an haya torrero al sham because without them they wouldn't be this fighting would they aren't they using you in some ways not like human share hill's no no no never talk fares i am not a militant i am at each are working in the schools we can't blame vicious them on had hers shum on the fight utter a him on because they are defending is there an oath or whether ah the regime is trying to invade it in order to displace their own billable on to make them surrender so they have a full softly are out the the reason all right i just if you question to the regime to do that is the older i understand and as a teacher as a parent how you protecting your family how worried all you about your family of course i worry about my funnily all i can do is too high a game in safe ablaze under the ground in order to predict than but it's so difficult for all deibel because there our needs it or full.

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