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Church you start seeing different things even the metoo movement even though men there's some things that that aren't good in that movement it's it's god's were in heart using out through different avenues so in the u s i c i i'm seeing this women rising to the top be where they're supposed to be with men by a lot of corruption a lot of different things that have been hidden for years and years and years being exposed or for good where a lot of people very nervous about everything being exposed and even almost this heartened by all the things that are coming to light across the board in in it's god's doing heal the nation so there's painted at the king but it's it's all for the healing process in god i i really feel a god is healing the united states of america and he's he's he's moving through who both parties i know sometimes it's hard for christians were very staunch republicans to hear this but god is moving through the democratic party god is gonna heal the democratic party not that he's you know the republicans donated his mind dentist they needed to but but we don't need to be sidetracked and just the one track where it's just all republicans god's moving through the democratic party and you're gonna see a lot of interesting voices come out at a party that will carry the voice of god wow i love that so david how can people connect with you and follow what you're doing.

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