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This new yorker podcast is supported by exxon mobil synergy gasoline engineer to provide better gas mileage lower emissions and improve engine responsiveness with seven key ingredients stop by your nearest exxon or mobile station today to experience synergy gasoline i'm dorothy were condemned on today's politics and more podcast i talked with new yorkers john lee anderson about former panamanian president manual noriega in 2015 anderson head a rare opportunity to interview noriega who was deposed by us invasion 1980 ninth panama's form a dictator the cia spy and convicted cocaine trafficker manuel noriega has dis light when the news reports hit at the end of may that manuel noriega had died you could be forgiven little if you're i thought was noriega still alive panama's former strongman has been out of the public eye for a quartercentury since his conviction on drug trafficking and other charges but also broadly speaking or attention has shifted way way from latin american recent years certainly since the war on terror began it seems like a lifetime ago the us intervention in panama and el salvador and nicaragua was constantly in the headlines but staff writer john lee anderson thinks noriega is a figure we shouldn't forget about so quickly what modiega represented an began to personify which was this kind of merging of the the backwash of the deal ideological world of the sixties and seventies eighties in latin america with food the drug culture and the world that we now know has consumed a lot of our neighbours to the south because to a large extent we we help make it happen in 2015 anderson interviewed noriega one of the few interviews he gave during his many years in prison killed beena orient via the and the mall.

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