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While violence against migrants in this part of mexico has long been a problem people here say it's getting worse now the migrants avoid the train and walk along the tracks instead armed gangs often wait to rob them there the center says that's what happened to him when a group of guys with a gun stopped him on the tracks dictated by shoes all the ripped sedating they rip your she will they use a knife and we are with idea had a nice to have machete dead bodies have started regularly showing up in she'll be tastes throughout the country 2017 is on track to become the most violent year on record with much of the blame going to mexico's drug cartels but many people here blamed the rise in violent crime on central american migrants then leobardo romme's burst onto the political scene he promised to clean up show weekdays but getting migrants out of town when he ran for municipal president last year it earned him a new title on the news they've taken to calling him the donald trump of oaxaca trump wall hacking eleven don't walking in italy ended level that thought what can you policemen let us was almost became the municipal president of chubut days in a landslide victory he said in interviews that unlike trump he has nothing against undocumented immigrants he's just kicking migrants out of his town because voters asked him to rumours was instrumental in getting the local migrant shelter here closed down last summer today the building sits abandoned immigration agents now patrolled she'll be this and lots of people in this town are on edge all locals near the old migrant shelter say they've gotten for rochas guard dogs or put stronger locks and their doors to protect themselves from migrants maria lopez one of the neighbors who rallied to close the shelter down says migrants are nothing but trouble solely diletti law they're all addicted to drugs lopez says he callahan she points to her bath.

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