Kennedy, BBC, Gareth Mitchell discussed on The Science Hour - 8.3 Billion Tons of Plastic in the World


Say what they say he's kennedy's raising his arms above hands i think it's just fully may do you think siam and catering he's going to jail i came here we guy and also you have to say how confident you are about the onset adb's fifty percent confident in other words on just guessing older and that's it now says our c eight school is nine outs wednesday i'm very disappointed i thought we knew i'd just as a bit better than me too i thought we fear than yes complicated it makes me once stirs again but not now klima bit busy here i am a crash on the right are doing a podcast this is the science our podcast addition from the bbc on gareth mitchell with bobby licorice here now still to come disrupting the legal system helping europe uses data well and how free meals were improving health and learning at a school in ghana now our reports a lot on technology and say pretty often i find myself on the radio saying things like and now have another industry has been disrupted this week with discussing and then i set a word like the taxi business or hotel the music industry education the media safe all i haven't set that about the legal system but this is something that world service this the zachary snide men from orlando in florida has been pondering could technology also accurate actually replace our entire legal system or at least parts of our legal system what a great question will money chesterton decided to judge for herself and went off to investigate algorithms and adjudications computers and the courts.

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