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The hours Wednesday, the eight may my voice belongs to me and me belongs to Doug. Doug belongs to Dudley Dudley belongs to Stephan. So that's what the combo together the D of the program. Jennifer has a huge speaking engagement, huge it is. But I know that she had to speak until well into the wee hours. So she's slamming the pillow at the moment, Victoria, Keven is here and show. Schilling on-duty ethic froze ready to go, Victoria, you have focused. I know on one of the very important big time items of the day. Yeah. Not a great story to open with. But one of the biggest stories of the day is Colorado school shooting. One person has been killed and eight others have been injured to high school students at a stem school walked into this Colorado school. It's only. Eight miles from Columbine. Of course, it's the twentieth anniversary of Columbine three weeks ago. So this is just has you know extra significance. I think for people who live in the area, it's an eighteen hundred and fifty students science and technology campus. It's a mix of elementary middle school and high school students, and these do these two one was seventeen I think one was eighteen two boys. We're not gonna bother saying their names. But this just as a horrible day for that community and stories of bravery a couple of kids tackled one of the gunman one and one of the kids who tackled him ended up getting shot in the chest. And it just the whole thing is horrible and kids really trying to you know, kids were very brave and tried to do the best they could to stop these two shooters in their tracks. But it's just a very sad. And so the police there are investigating still they're not really. Using photos or anything yet until they really know fully what happened, and they have a full picture of it. But obviously parents are there were phone calls being made from the kids to their parents and about a gunshots being in the school. Obviously. That's gotta be the worst phone. Call apparent could receive and the actually it's tied to the just recently in the in the wake of the twentieth anniversary of Columbine. There was a national survey done, and it showed that sixty three percent of American parents are worried about school shootings now. That's wow. That. All right. So does that which tributes to that the reality or the puffery? There are may seem to all of us that these sorts of things occur more often. And they in in terms of numbers certainly do. And then when we asked I asked the question what contributes to this what kind of thinking, we're kind of beliefs. Even wonder about expectations. You just with that sixty percent of the expectation of parents is that their children will not be safe in school. Right. So again, there's a sort of condemnation is it a condemnation of the school system. Is it a condemnation of society? Is it a condemnation of where we are? And the incredible chance that we have either to channel new thoughts and do something new or let it go the way it's going, and who knows where it ends up the timeout society where our society ends up is it on us and has it been on previous generations. And do we thank them? Because here we are in still the greatest experiment in mankind's history, the experiment of whether or not we can this is continuing can we govern ourselves. Can we police ourselves can we control ourselves or do we need some? Something some form of government some form of thinking that is strong enough to to put these things down. You think this kind of a shooting goes on North Korea? You think in Russia will we know? Korea. We we don't know and in Russia same thing. How would we ever know? But you know, I think that the problem is and especially with Colorado, everyone since Columbine everyone is on kind of high alert. It's they're on edge. Anyone who lived through it remembers, especially people who live in the community there. It's just a it's a horrible thing. And so these kids they said, they don't know what the motivation is yet. This is according to the police, but it it seems pretty suspect that it's only three weeks after Columbine the twentieth anniversary. You know, people in their thinking is a guy who's a an employee in Dearborn Michigan city employees in Dearborn. Michigan. Who is now being investigated. And why would we even know this? If it wasn't for the age of social because I'm sure a lot of these things are have been said over the years, you look back at some of the racist tendencies in our country that go back almost to the beginning, it even further, I guess, really then the beginning of our country, and it isn't just about our country. It's the way it is people don't like people who are different than they are. Here's this guy who is on the city payroll on the city website making some kind of racist comment aimed at a Muslim model. And I should tell you Sports Illustrated model the one who just was in the burkini is that where it's how EMA Aiden is that her name. I don't know her name. There is a model, right? Yep. Yeah. And so ever bother anyone. It's slightest idea it's just ridiculous. Yeah. Right. But that's the kind of stuff that leads to what we're talking about. That's the thing, Victoria. That's the sort of stuff. None of us are perfectly all make mistakes. I think about sometimes things that I might even say on the air or things I say to my friends or my family that I wish I hadn't said. So we are not perfect. We make mistakes everybody deserves to be forgiven once at least, and so this guy we forgiven me do this again. In the first place. Oh, well that. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I I don't know what that situation is. I don't know. But I think when when it comes to these kids these two our students, this is a stem school. It's a special school that that's extra hard to get into. It's not just like a typical public school and their parents saying that they sent their kids. They wanted their kids to go to the school because it was smaller. They felt that it would be safer than a traditional high school because these kids are high achieving academically minded kids, and I think that it just speaks to the mental health and mental mental illness in this country that we are not addressing there must be. And I'm sure we're going to find out later on that these two boys seventeen and eighteen years old that there were there were signs, and there were maybe social media flags that no-one acted on. And that's that's the larger problem. I think it's a twofold problem right now, you know, there's always going to there will always be a wack job who wants to shoot somebody or attack someone. Just because they're crazy like with the with the Muslim model, but in terms of our children in the kids in this country in this generation of kids that you know, every every shooter seems to be between eighteen and twenty two years old. White males. There. Something is something. This is not just coincidence. Something bigger and low and much more severe is going on. And I don't know why it's not being addressed. But it needs to be and then and then making schools less of a target. You know, we've we've talked about this all of us on the show have different views of what should be done in terms of making schools safer. I've always been a proponent of go through metal detectors. I just went. We went to a Broadway show into author a metal detector last Saturday night, doesn't bother us. What's the big deal people's? Oh, I don't want my kids, you know, feeling like they're in prison. Well, wouldn't you want them to be safer at there's never been a mass shooting in a school in New York City because every kid walks through a metal detector, the schools are no longer. They're just not targets kids. Can't sneak anything in you. You can't get through the door unless you go through the metal detector. I just I don't understand why that's such a big deal to so many people there. So that in public school is a lot to be said, maybe as you're suggesting for tighter security, then you go onto college campuses. I'm looking at a story that flow hard to secure them. To Fleming was involved in one of the shootings. What was that? Yeah. Yeah. That's crazy. And then they're all these other that photo he talked by the student holding a gun in the N word sign, and what that did and the white power signs. The confederate flag in schools. The. Just goes on. So in that some people have blamed I see notes all the time from this is how I listen to that Glenn Beck. And he's I it's you gotta find a mindset are used Glenn not necessarily as. It isn't just him. There are people, you know, the worst one is Alex Jones when it comes to that kind of stuff. And that there's some people believe there's some people who so disagree with us right now it turning the radio off because they think we are wrong. And that's the case. Okay. I don't know that I need. I like to think or say that I need every listener. But I don't know if I really need those sorts of. I need those listeners. Well, maybe they'll buy okay? Those of you who disagree with me. Listen to this and see if you can commit the the best the most supportive thing is to buy stuff that we talk about. All right. So here we go for those of you who are getting older. And I believe that went address every single person who's listening to this program. Right. Everybody is getting older. 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