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People understand what separation of church and state really is we're kind cannot establish a church in congress could not stop the free exercise of religion it's all about not about the the church right ridiculous people and my goodness god they wanna call that a religion well god is at ut universal english name for every god and there's no my colleague that boy you're you're eliminating you're not you're not able to tolerate other people don't everything here so i want to play something for you this is all this is august berkshire who is a guess about the leader in minnesota atheists listen to this it's not the state's business and it's the school's business to be taking sides in this very personal decision he says by posting in god we trust in public buildings you're intruding in that in that private decision of whether to be a believer or not you would say what well there seems to be a religious passed out there now if you mentioned god that doesn't make any difference which god but even got it now you're a religious and then that takes away your thirties they have a kind of history or free speech what happened to our religious freedom the acs and those on the progressive left have a religious deathknell that religious is am i offended i'm offended or somebody might be offended we're gonna play the religious test card you'll spend card and i think that's wrong that's not what our founding fathers wanted in this country they wanted the freedom of religion one of your colleagues some senator melissa freezing is quoted as saying i don't want my children being indoctrinated in anybody else's religion i want to have the ability to do that myself in the privacy of my home and she thinks this amendment that you've passed is inappropriate shortsighted and open to litigation your reaction and if it wasn't doctored nature that's exactly what we don't want in the school but this has been hispanic tastic historical it's been tested in the court senator hole thank you for being here and we will continue to follow this story raymond arroyo sitting in for laura ingraham we back in a moment with much more keep it right here.

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