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The aircraft were losing out on on millions of dollars of revenue for silver will be the first in the US to fly the turboprops, but that requires FAA certification that can't be completed during the shutdown. Delta may have to delay the launch of its new Airbus A two twenties for the same reason. For now, President Trump is holding off on declaring an emergency manager of surveys. Fred Backus with the new CBS news poll. Most Americans do not want President Trump to declare national emergency to pay for the wall. Only thirty three percent want. This sixty seven percent, do not Republicans mostly. Agree with the president on this, Democrats and independents do not CBS news update on Pam Coulter. TSA were Chicago's airport may get some help from the public. If an online fundraiser successful after seeing a government contractors online plea for help during the shutdown build Natoli made a donation on go fund me, and then started wondering what about the TSA workers and coast guard members who also aren't getting paid. But I realize well, I wouldn't know how to disseminate coaster dollars. But. I could probably do it through their union germs. So the Downer's grove man has set up a gofundme campaign called dollars for Chicago TSA workers and has reached out to their union. The American federation government employees is steering people to file for unemployment instead madman ski says federal employees and the American public who rely on their resources need a budget passed. Nothing else will be remotely equivalent ANSI hardy, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. More about the suspect is believed kidnapped Jamie clause, Wisconsin if a killing a parent's October, Barron county sheriff, Chris Gerald or reporters, Jake Paterson intended to kidnap at thirteen or will grow when he shot his way into the family home, nothing in this case shows, the suspect knew anyone at the cost home or at any time had contact with anyone in the close family sheriff says investigators don't know Patterson became aware of Jamie. But believe he killed her parents. So he could abductor James was found alive yesterday, three months after disappearing from her parents home, Cook County judge ordering entertainer or Kelly to allows you to inspectors into a west side warehouse. That he rents deputy corporation counsel. Kimberly Roberts says the city consider this an emergency situation in the degree granted the content of that inspection in we're set to inspect the property Wednesday. January sixteenth, but adjoining for Kelly says there's no basis for the reports that people are living the warehouse space it to nineteen north Justin. But attorney for the city say they've seen evidence space has been converted into a recording studio and living area, and that would constitute a safety concern, a south suburban, south suburbs. Revising a longtime prohibition and pickup truck last fall voters and floss mar overwhelmingly supported an advisory referendum, revising, the suburbs longtime ban on parking pickup, trucks and residential driveways. The daily southbound reports the village board voted this week to do just that under the new rules drivers will be able to park their personal pickup truck in the driveway instead of a closed garage lost more originally banned pick up trucks in nineteen seventy five the parking ban took effect when the ordinance was revised in nineteen eighty nine. Rob Hart NewsRadio on one zero five point nine. FM? Florida's new governor took action today against the Broward County sheriff whose deputies were assigned to protect the school where seventeen people died in the February massacre governor Rhonda Santa's removed sheriff Scott Israel from office appointed former Coral Springs police Raji, Gregory, Tony to the physician Israel reacted to the suspension wholeheartedly reject the statements in the governor's executive order. As lacking both legal merit. Valid factual basis state commission investigating the massacre concluded that Israel's changes the department. Actress shooter policy may have contributed to some jeopardy's in action during the school shooting. This year's flu season is far from over the CDC here in Atlanta for the first time is releasing information on how many people have gotten sick during the flu season. They usually release that information at the end of the season. The CDC's Alicia fry tells me a lot of people are sick right now we're well into the flu season now. And at this point, we estimate that there have been six to seven million flu illnesses as many as eighty four thousand people have ended up in the hospital, so far she says flu season still has at least several weeks before it's over Sabrina cupid for CBS news, Atlanta, a cruise vacation turned into a nightmare of a hundreds of people ship is returning to port Canaveral tomorrow a day early after nearly three hundred passengers and crew members were hit by the stomach virus stopped in Jamaica. Passengers say they were kept aboard as a precaution. Royal Caribbean says the early return gives them more time to Santa. Ties the ship before it sails again passengers getting full refunds and Vermont man tells the Orlando Sentinel it was still better than freezing up north Peter King CBS news Orlando the gridlock in Washington could take a toll on the environment area greatly impacted by the partial government, shutdown pollution inspectors the.

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