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Your vote today that's trump vote fifty five dot com trump vote fifty five dot com more traffic every ten minutes on the force marina it's just been a real challenge it has we have those days where we say where do we even start that's what it kind of feels like right now it's it's a tough one so looking I travel time now from Seattle to Everett we're looking at nearly a hundred minutes that's two hours that's nearly two hours just because it is just so incredibly backed up the weather is definitely not helping by every area itself is tough all the way up on on up to Maryville southbound I. five bumper to bumper from north gate into town solid traffic on five twenty west bound from four or five all the way to I five east bound I ninety starting a bunch up now leaving I five towards Mercer island north bound for a five crowded essentially from us also in our area and then all we have to to up towards the maple valley highway southbound four oh five solid bumper to bumper and Bellevue to new council it's a tough one to southbound I. five from highway eighteen into five south on one six seven it's a real struggle from highway eighteen as well down into the center area your next come much traffic a five oh four in this update on traffic brought to you by Oley ortho the world class physicians and only worth ask the south sound why take a long stressful drive when only worth it was right in your own backyard only ortho as your back your knee or hip and shoulder and you get it holy ortho dot com your life in motion please god a flood watch in effect through Friday and looks like rain is in the forecast through Saturday right now we've got light rain in downtown Seattle and what we have hello yes we do it for fifty five a Hollywood legend actor Kirk Douglas has died he was a hundred three years.

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