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So chase utley this. Is his entrance music and whatever he's going to the. Plate this is what you're going to hear, from chase utley they played it today when he came, out which was a. Nice gesture by the Phillies to do and, I get, it, but, for chase utley He's been. In the league since two thousand and three, he's. Been in the league for. Like sixteen seasons now and he's been. Listening to Kashmir every time he comes up to? The plate he's been listening to Kashmir in LA is well he's still playing, it and l., a. is walkup song so it's. Not something, they're doing in Philly. Either this is his. Whole career the dudes. Been coming out the. Kashmir how do. You not hate Kashmir by this point. How how is there not. A point in your life where you just say oh. My God it's been twelve years with Kashmir, I just I just can't anymore I can't do it, I gotta change it. I need something else So many shows that. Will change their. Intro up in change their intro music. Do something like it's it's it's so funny maybe. It's one of those things and you know what big daddy at I think it had this problem, before to, ask about it again changing the. Intro music and maybe that's it, for chase he's just built such a. Brand recognition with. With Kashmir they never wants to change a everybody knows that it come to Kashmir this is my saga that's it. I did I just only listened to Kashmir maybe and. I would not be surprised about this either it is, literally the only song the chase utley likes and listens to I would not. Suspect chase utley to be very deep Musica he. Just doesn't I don't know what chase utley does that's. Part of the reason that what I'm asking I'm. Putting him through the Philly. Gauntlet of love as we compare them. To all these other great great athletes I would've? Taken Iverson over chase he's up against Dawkins right now and you can vote, on that at, it's Vince Quinn I would take. Darkens because, I feel a little. Bit more the personality. Of those guys than. I do chase utley Just nothing about the dude he just he just likes baseball a lot that's all I. Got, he likes, baseball and he does baseball the. Right way and I respect that, and he's had great moments in the city is a. Great player in the parade speech there's a lot of things to love about chase subtly but man he he just It's so funny it's so fitting that he's had the same entrance music for forever ended it hasn't. Changed even a little bit it's just it's it's does, he just, I, don't know The dudes committed I guess let's go to the phones we'll talk to, Michael and Boyer town what's up Michael hey thanks for taking. My call sure, I wanted to talk about the eagles Abbas listen to your comments and. Like I don't wanna be negadelphia but. It's not gonna be quite. As easy, of a path They're gonna have. A. Target on as the world champion but what you said about that AFC south division that's gonna be a, challenge and a little bit added touch with sports right now Phillies dishes today make losses did they make as far as free agency this season Well free agency there really wasn't a whole lot that went on I mean they if, anything they had made. The move of trading Pattni it's been more. Trades for them Michael for free agency the big, additions were Jake Arrieta Carlos Santana Tommy, hunter was supposed to, be in the. Relief but that hasn't worked out, so well Ariane has been good but not great Carlos Santana gets on base allot but he doesn't, hit and so you're. Not getting as much. Power out of them as you'd like and that's a problem so the phillys haven't they made some moves that were. Big splashes but not necessarily, big time additions to what the teams. Done this year and in terms of losses. It really hasn't been a whole lot it's just been. All about adding young players and so there hasn't been. A whole lot, of mobility. There's really no regrets on anybody that isn't here anymore I'm really surprised. That they're like I don't like to be negative I. Really surprised that they're doing as well as they are And a lot. Of people are for the Phillies because, the thing is that they they don't have a single thing that's consistently great for them they're pitching has points where it stellar but then you get nights where the pitching..

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