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Not something you want to hear right you would like to see a slowdown again we do want to disaster right if you're Democrat you don't want with a bomb walked into but you know a nice slow down maybe even retraction for a few months in the economy heading into a recession for you know six months that doesn't destroy us like the other one did almost but that's what you would like it's not gonna happen at least not this year at least not this year cherry coke is trending cherry coke yeah it's weird why so people are asking is Dr pepper over cherry coke which one's better cherry coke is okay but like what people see things trending on the internet they think their dad Donnie Deutsche not dead because apparently a Donny Deutsch today said when talking about Elizabeth Warren that she's essentially a bit unlikeable you know and you can't say that this thing that you can't come out and say you're unlikeable to somebody who can put themselves in a certain class you're a female can't say that she's a female no you can say that if you believe that to be true you're still a human being again you could be gay straight black white purple green orange and it's not the color to scan the person you love the god you worship the major likable it's you as a person and he's get attacked its misogyny it's sexism it's it's a mass is what it is three two three five three twenty four twenty three acts have been to chose your Twitter feel free to tweet at me you could text the program love hearing from every single one of you this weekend your what the Oscars was an Oscar cost talk about a return on your investment consider the price of an awesome issue at is twenty four karat gold plated in its value is at four hundred dollars but while another analyst Joe Gonzalez says it could mean a big pay raise for severe should be around a twenty percent boost and I pay for a Best Actor and Best Actress winner on their next film but like any investment you can lose money on any academy award association says that no one can sell it but they will buy it back from you for one dollar for one dollar can't sell it but we all know those things get out there right you can get permission for them you're gonna sell it and if you die and pass it on apparently you're allowed to sell it as well Mike to somebody but you can get permission enemies all those kind of things by the way usually you have to pay for those things that are given to you.

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