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Which is the leading nonprofit organization in canada tackling. The predatory marketing practices of big tobacco. Dr roger hodkinson. It is a pleasure to have you with us today. It's my pleasure. Thank you for spreading the truth so before we get started. Can you outline for us. Your medical credentials and qualifications will without wishing to be exhaustive in seeming pompous A medical degrees from cambridge in britain. i think they're snotty. Frankly so i've never actually framed them I trained in pathology in in vancouver british columbia Since then i've done a great deal of headed a number of positions in organized medicine. I've been assistant professor at the university of alberta overloaded resident teaching I've been the chairman of the examination committee for the royal college of physicians and surgeons in ottawa setting the annual examination pathologist to make sure that they're safe You know to read your breast biopsies. It's rather important row maintaining quality in the profession. And i've seen the president of the society of lebron physicians which means pathologists I've been The ceo of a large community Lebron trae cranking out all the numbers and tests for your. Gp's specialists where the guys behind the scenes that Create all the numbers and And test results and that included records infectious disease virology I spent twenty years of my career in an unpaid honorary chairman role taking on big tobacco As only chairman of ash action on smoking for that reason that was my You might say dirty education in the politics of public health. Which i've lived for twenty years. And i'm i'm acutely familiar with how you might say. The system works. And how that translated into the mess that we're we currently experiencing In addition to all of that. I've been done so many other roles i wish to overload this. Okay let's start talking about the covid. Nineteen virus and the measures that have been implemented to prevent its spread for over the past year the media and politicians have many people very afraid about this virus. Is there reason to be concerned and worried. Those no need to have the degree of fia the trying to constantly amplify this is the virus is not a hoax. The virus real is being cultured and sequenced That conspiracy theories totally erroneous. What is a hoax. Is the way politicians. Playing medicine have reacted to this Reality because the the scale of threats Full the working well and for children is Similar to that of previous flu epidemics if.

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