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However, your second and subsequent order effects could potentially include, let's say, an increase in technical complexity. Let's say your server cost goes up or could go up in order to support this feature or maybe to a degradation of the overall user experience. Over time, not necessarily immediately, but over time. While these aren't always bad, these are worth recognizing as tradeoffs that you're willing to make. The next thinking tools that I want to walk you through is called eigen questions. It's a relatively new concept. And my p.m. toolkit, and I first came across this approach in a tweet by tissue, who's the CEO of koda, which is a document platform and was previously on YouTube. The concept is around the art of framing problems and asking questions. So what's an eigen question? No, according to the folks that quota, I can question is a made up word that borrows from the linear algebra concept of eigenvectors. Now the basic concept here is that a good question is a question where if it's answered, it likely answers the subsequent questions as well. They illustrated this concept using an example of a teleportation device. Which I feel is a great example to call out an inspirational form here. So I'll try to reproduce that just to further solidify this concept. Now, the question using the example is this, a group of scientists invented a teleportation device. They've come to you and asked for your assistance in bringing it to market. What do you do? At this point, most people will go into question into a question asking mode. The last how big the device is. Does it need a sender and a receiver? How fast is it to operate? What does it cost? So on and so forth. At this point, the person who has the original question, then introduces a new constraint, which is it turns out that these scientists are introverts.

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