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He had done that movie that was a scary movie and people were fearful of him so I put him into to a condominium and he had large dogs so needed central park and so he loved it but when he did the movie put me in there all right was chatting with strong storm and the way I am. I had Robertson Euros my client and his wife. I know very well yeah anyway now. They're getting divorced so whatever we send to be actually ready. They went back together. I want to ask your perspective to a lot out of real. Estate has been the topic of conversation on Roni between all of the women are investing in new properties this season. Bethany is really big real estate mogul herself. Ramona Ramona has an opinion about the Hamptons and it's that south of the highway is preferred. Do you agree with Ramona the market's off their now okay the first thing when when people get nervous they'll let go the house. They're not letting the apartment south of the highway was always the in spot but north is beautiful reform because you're not one on top of the other and you got a lot of farmlands. I've been going to the Hamptons over fifty years so I'm really familiar familiar with it. It's all beautiful. All of New York lives. They're all of New York. You see on the street. Everybody loves the HAMPTONS. I've been there I've seen and I've had it whatever but the market is going to soften there and has softened yeah I mean I rented a house for two months for thirty five thousand dollars now the getting the three hundred fifty thousand dollars. That's where the money's gone so. It's an investment like everything if you buy correctly lake. It's an investment. It's interesting if you do a little work be surprised to get more money. If you stage it you get more money. lot of people don't have vision and if wants to same with apartments in New York. Some people want to Gut Rehab could be a nightmare bishop report of directors. There's no you can't do this. You can't do that. They have to approve this. You have to go to the city. It becomes a long nightmare and when you're waiting for your apartment and you're living elsewhere. You have to figure out what it's costing you to live somewhere else right so that's why you have the big craze in New York walk that started a number of years ago for condominiums easy. When I was selling them many years ago they will one bedrooms. Nobody wants to pick apartment so with the coops I did the same thing next door neighbor to want to sell because the demand end was for biggest space and families was starting to.

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