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Transition here. I get into your truck. Our trade yes and you have just an infectious way of being of talking to people. I've been and watching your your like a as even going around here with other believers. You're always you're always just a very enjoyable person. Speak to your very jolly which has got to work well with you and you do your job and you have some interesting ways of doing that. So let's talk about evangelism how you is a truck driver go about doing your evangelist Luis kind of you to say about apnea. I'll give all the credit to the Lord. He gives us our personalities and I was raised in a home where I was taught to speak to everyone. John Treat everyone the way I wanna be treated and I have a heart for truck drivers being a truck driver and a and not just truck drivers for everyone. 'cause I think of how painful eternal damnation hell. Hell is going to be and Dan is a to me it just a break down in tears somewhat spinning eternal turn onto him the ill and we have the opportunity to share the truth with people and whether a a truck driver or just anyone on the I carry tracks with me out if not giving someone or track I leave a track. Arrest Them Up. Put them in bills. Or you know I think of creative ways when I leave a tip and when I leave a tip I i. Don't leave a waitress a quarter. I'll leave them a very good. Tia Causes Christians. If we want the world to to take notice we've got to share the blessings the Lord has given us and they'll pick the track at Morita While that guy you know he was really nice. And it's not me as Christ but they don't realize yeah. And I I've found a ministry go their fourth ministries and they do little test two the months for truckers and they do them for law enforcement and Medical Profession for armed forces. Different different fines mccollum. I love the truckers is the truckers reference. Manual law enforcement is law enforcement laufer efforts menu. And it's a copy of the psalms in Hebrews stories and help purchase some todd friel's books Are Your raw fish which is a really excellent little booklet and Dan. I'll put E. AND WANNA Paul washers tracks. Which is the Gospel? Jesus Christ in inside outside of the OPPO that inside of the test and the little booklet with his mom and walk it drivers when I see them. I don't go around and try to wait Kenia bothering while the owner breaks but if there's a driver out went on fueling a lot of times I'll hit four or five drivers at fuels or when I'm out in the parking lot fussier driver inside. I'll I'll carry them in and I ask them. Are you Christian united the Lord. Jesus Christ and I'll tell him look I've got you a little truckers reference manual. Most of the time they they will take and will and a lot of times we get have a discussion and I can share the Gospel Way. Sometimes I don't and when I don't then I can pray. Lord please please let this guy Read this and UH please please convict his heart of his sin. You know the thing. Is that your the way. Okay you go about it the way that your your whole attitude. I think affects the way you're GonNa about the cause your mindset as hope people hear this. I hope that you who are listening here in ingredients voice. The first and foremost it's to please God but it's also the Compassionate Compassionate realizing their attornal state without Christ. Yes and I hope that folks you're hearing in his voice the compassion and that's do we need to present people and we share the Gospel. It's not just hey I got this five point outline. Let me You're you're you're you broke law you're guilty and going to hell you can't save save yourself. It's people could tell if someone's doing something from Rotin but they can also tell as we're hearing your voice they could tell when someone is really carrying about where they spend. Eternity nets a big deal. I don't know if people are are considering not if people when they they vandalized because okay while I got two more or some unfortunately they would like to evangelize because they like to show how much they know compared to someone else. Yes someone else doesn't know as much and I'll look how look how smart I am. It's like no you actually WanNa be sharing the Gospel because of the fact that you care where they spend eternity Roy in and the other reason I evangelize Angela's every morning after. Thank the Lord for another day crowd. Tomas I Lord please use me for you blurt sort of only been used your glory. Because he pull me out of the Murray Clay I was. I was the the biggest centers Paul said he was achieved. But I'M GONNA argue with him when I get heaven. Yeah Yeah you can. You argue with him. And I'll be. But but he pull me out of the Mari Clay and he set my feet on the solid rock of Jesus Christ and Psalm Nineteen Fourteen says Lord may the words of my mile may be please in an Ma the meditation of my Heart Be Pleasing unto. Oh you and and that's what I want. I want to be pleasing to my Lord. My master my savior my cane and I think we we as Christians so many times we forget he's are keen. Were children of Akim. And what what does king subjects do. What does he his children do? They serve him and it's a joy. Serve me it is you know. It's it's just neat to see. I mean this is the thing that I found so interesting with you. Even when you came over by table you're you're dissection encouraging person to speak with your your mindset is just so clear in you know it was interesting the other night A couple a couple of US Paul washer disappears myself. A couple of others were like five or six talking and afterwards just ask me. He's like what do you think about. You know Paul Washer that it comes in and he says it's and this is the same thing I'm finding with you. It's that it's so clear with the issues that we're talking we're going back and forth discussing social justice and and politics goes like he goes. I should be in the jungle somewhere because I don't understand these people all the politics. He's this about Jesus Christ Christ coming to Earth shedding his blood for us. Like why do we worry about these other things. Focus on the Gospel. And that's we're here with you as well. It's like all these distractions that we could have. They don't seem to distract you. Because you seem to be fixated on the most important thing God and sharing sharing has good news and that is the most important thing and Christ told us as a body of believers that we're to love one another an and by our love for one another the world would know him and see him and that's what breaks my heart about the social jazzy. Yeah 'cause I mean you know the world should be seeing us as loving one another and and praising God and worshipping him and and just live out his fullness in our life every day he put us here and just think it must have been wonderful to be in a garden and and not have seen and that's the other joy I'll look forward to no more sin Ah hated in his am and you know I'm not sitting here so saying I'm perfect Kazaam far from perfect and that's the thing that the world needs to know. Christians aren't perfect we're centers and we still have to beg repentance from a true and living God that's that's right. Well listen as we wrap up. I can't just you know here we are. We're at G.. Three were at the striving for Turney booth that is also Christian podcast community booth and yet I'm seeing you we're a t-shirt it looks at the bar podcast Biblical and reform so for folks who don't know this. Today is bar day at G.. Three everyone takes out there bar podcasts gear. So we've seen a lot of bar podcast and just thinking podcasts shirts. So you're you're representing their which. I'm sure dwayne appreciates so you're listening to those guys over there. Yes I'll listen dewine and I have been friends for probably about a year longer and And then Darren Virgil I love just thank.

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