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Biggest. Number of experience the. Long. Time okay me with this big yeah I was gonna say you're indoors in the air. Conditioning with fan blowing on your face you're gonna make regular survive some dude out. Here, and thirty five doing construction. Bobby Five degrees here. There Life On. Outside it's me I can feel, it but I. Did I did thirty five minutes of bicycling and heavy walking today inside doors and. Doors I had a pretty good sweat going on everything that's nice and had a beef sandwich for. Life, perfect three. Beers and you're set to go power nap Good afternoon with working out. The last thirty minutes of days. Of, our lives you know who's in an interesting he's got an interesting. Problem on his hands Paul. Manafort Paul Manafort has a big problem this, is so now Paul Manafort you either sit in jail and he's in a purple jumpsuits Paul Manafort is going on trial it's now set for July thirty first Paul Manafort could go. To, prison for, the rest. Of his life he's, sixty nine years. Old so it is Bank and tax fraud charges and they're pretty extensive to say. The least the government got him and they've got him pinned a corner and you either of your. Paul, Manafort you. Either talk I did and win yeah Or you copy deal copied deal yeah or number. Three You think that? Guy's. Gonna pardon you Donald Trump I would say can't pardon? Paul? Manafort Before the trial no. No I, don't even know if that can work I mean you had to be, convicted of? Something I Now, that would be a bad look for. Trouble But yeah, whenever we. Let's go six. Months down the road I don't I don't know I'm just thinking just thinking what an interesting. Predicament because his partner has already talking everybody else there's a whole long list of people who are facing charges that have, already some of whom. Have already said we'll. Talk but here's the deal what kind of deal let me just. Say this on. Behalf of the Trump people listening there is nothing we've seen leaking. Donald? Trump to Paul manafort's misdealings in this indictment right we've seen nothing my friend Right right Oh you're saying that because I know the Trump person is always sort of like Trump obsessed. With, this look this guy the case, against him mow the the legal case against him as nothing to do with Donald Torek Bank tax fraud or Bank and, tax fraud whether your workers are not joining the Trump campaign and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to say there were sirens going off all around. This guy why would you? Hire him but forget that doesn't mean not to crime. By itself I'm not even talking. About that so don't be. So, paranoid Trump and be paranoid Every. Subject isn't you okay I'm just saying that this guy. Is an interesting spot he's a sixty. Nine year old man is he sitting around waiting to one win his. Case which doesn't sound let. Me just say this he's fighting. Against, the federal government yeah he's. He's priority probably broke he's going to be at a bigger. Hole if you fight that's the bad thing about. Fighting the federal government they nine times out of ten win Well staying power yeah it sounds, like the? Case. Is pretty thorough against him but you either sit there. And say let's go I'm gonna win. Of which you got a long brutal fight on your, hands particularly given. Your business partner is already. Said I'll cop I'll talk guilty. Yeah, so you can't sit there. And think you're in a good spot so you could fight. You can talk or you can say even if. They convict me surely he'll pardon me Now, why would that would be a terrible move he may not care though no, he may not care there's going to be, thirty thirty. Five percent of. The. Country the won't care alongside with them if he pardoned him but again really why would you I mean what would buy what, you pardon upside for Trump, at that point no Well Unless this is a funny thing if he starts talking that could be the bad news if he starts saying, yeah Michael, Conan I talked about paying off right XYZ, yeah we're gonna use campaign. Funds I'm just saying it's the judge juries watching the news is because the trial is delayed because of one hundred twenty thousand..

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