Idaho, Randy Weaver, Ruby Ridge discussed on Slate's Political Gabfest


A sitting on a in the manhattan speakeasy speaking easily speaking freely what will you be chattering about to your air bar side neighbor i will be chattering um about than the new book educated by terror west dover which just came up this week which i read and we had her on the show and it's just it's a it's a fantastic book about a woman grows up in the mountains of idaho her father is a survivalist she was sort of home schooled but mostly she worked in the in her father's junk yard aides it's very well done very well told and it's the story of her essentially escaping from her family and what i found most interesting was it's obviously a super highly particular tale um of of a person who grows up in a house where you have go bags which were um a full of supplies and ammunition in case the government came after them the way they did uh randy weaver at ruby ridge and yet the the crisis she goes through trying to extricate herself through this family which is of fundamentalists mormon family um and the insanity she feels she basically goes she has a nervous breakdown and when she she goes to be why you and then ultimately ghost cambridge the insanity she describes and the the wagons circling of her family and the group felt like it had a lot of echo's with the other stories we've heard of people who are um who have tried to tell their stories about abuse of one former another i ended up doubting themselves ended up having to fight through whether as the us olympic committee or michigan state in the case of larry nassar the the olympics doctor or hollywood or any of these other areas where where the media where where people circled the wagons um that felt like this particular story offered insight into that kind of crisis um anyway it's just it's very well done and um and and a good re any what a.

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