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At least this past week they had a lodging mitchell to michael hasty and now they've lost jemima hasty too high ankle sprain. Do i don't know if he's going to be out for that long. And as a result They've gone had signed Jacques patrick off the bengals practice squad. Who is a different type of running back right. Six to two thirty. I think the forty niners prioritizing size and durability has saini trae sermon in concussion protocol. he's back this week. But yeah they're they're going to need one of these guys to step up and be better than they have if they're going to have more success on the ground. Otherwise that means more on jimmy garoppolo place and we've seen how that goes generally in against better defenses de kyle smiling over video. He knows he knows how that goes. So the the other option would be from the practice squad. Carrie johnson who probably has a chance to get called up as well but again like he's been hurt. He's been banged up. He's not the same player that he was coming out of auburn even earlier in his career. But at the same time. I just wish people would understand. How like how good this office line has been and just how much they've had overcome with the number of defenders in the box so not too worried about the the offense just yet are the running game just yet especially now. I thought the forty niners did a really good job of scrapping. Their initial game plan on sunday and turning to quick passes leading. Jimmy get the ball of his hands quick because they have a bunch of jimmy's and joe's on the outside whether it's debate whether it's ghetto where they're going to win their one. So when you can do that you can just roll the body kind of play. The way they did. The question is will they be able to keep that up. So let's flip the script and go to the other side of the ball. It seems like a manual mosey is going to be back shannon. Said he was hopeful. That was a case. The forty nine is released divergent from the practice squad by the way. Great name On tuesday and when you do that you would imagine that one of the cornerbacks are gonna be healthier place though. Moseley lenore norman. Who actually played much better than i thought. I had the to pass interferences but jon and coverage. Yeah yeah you'd rather that than you know just being passed and getting burned there might need all the cornerbacks against the packers. So dominica ryan's has a challenge ahead of him. He's been very good early on. And i think he's playing mike. Jimmy's and joe's are better than yours. Especially when it comes to passing downs. There's blitzing playing man coverage behind trusting that they're going to get there trusting that they have better players in the other team and and so far so good it's worked. We will see now that we are in the season Of good teams. So what are they gonna see from. Two migo ryan's how big is it getting manual. Moseley back what you say. I was gonna say. Just back to the past josh mun lenore cetera. Iran avenue united both wrong. We thought devante smith was going to eat. This past sunday only had two catches for sixteen yards. Jalen i think last that prop out we lose lose out too much cash a Jalen hurts get one hundred.

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