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Tacos. Urban Meyer his back coaching football again. 56 years old. He's going to give it a shot, but not in the college game. It's time he'll try. Try it as a pro. Good morning from our Mercedes Benz sports chess game, Steve Lamb Meyer, who was very successful on the collegiate level is taking over in Jacksonville. We're being good at the pro level is a lot harder because the great parody and the challenge comes from putting together a great team tags are looking at former Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Lend a hand, apparently As becoming their offensive coordinator. He must recently spent last year as the passing game coordinator, and Alice. You and the New York Jets have hired Robert Sallah as their new head coach. Sala has been the 40 Niners since 2017 is their defensive coordinator. And not sure, the Philadelphia Eagles air serious for not about Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore to become their next coach, But they have requested to interview him for the position even though he just signed a three year extension. TOC keep his job in Dallas. Jerry Jones can't prevent him from talking the Eagles because it's an upward move from coordinator to head coach and a busy couple of days Coming up 18 T Stadium where we've got games today, it's the UL playoffs two games today. Two more on Saturday. Today it's a Class five, a Division one and two and then Class six, a Division one and two on Saturday today at one o'clock. You've got the Alito bear cats on the field against the Crosby Cougars, followed by Denton, Ryan and Cedar Park tonight and then on Saturday, Katie fate facing Cedar Hill in the first game. And then you've got the dodgeball. Todd Dodge at Austin Westlake against Riley Dodge at Southlake Carroll. Father Going up against son. It is Riley out of quarantine is he had a covert corn Think coach last week, right? I think he is, and he is and ready to go. How about those? How about those bear cats out? Lets you know that sounds team there you go today. Surprise how you're not taking the Hudson. They're going good with they got tickets. Hand's gonna go with him. So tell Gates a 10 will be out will be represented. I understand. And I guess our former colleague Jeff Williams will be will be doing the play by play of that for the bear cats. Hey, uh, Steve. Oh, Can we go back to the Urban Meyer story? We can Does this mean he spent enough time with his family? Because you are fine. Yeah. When somebody offers you the kind of money right that they were offering. Yes. You've spent enough time his wife would probably went urban. If you want to go back and you could go back. Go back. Has he has, he announced when he's not gonna coach again? Because, you know, he always does that he makes his big announcements to Val not to coach again. Well, everybody's wondering, Will he get the nick Saban disease and going to realize this is harder to get the pro Games harder than I thought? Yeah, this is not I'm not the dominant guy. Right. Well, good for him, man, if that's what he wants to do good for him, because I mean, you're seeing these. There's about 10 GM jobs open the in the NFL. There's about what six or seven head coaching jobs right and how they literally all interview the same candidates. Yes, I mean, there live like the guy that the Jets hired Salon Right, And that's right, where, like he went from interview to interview to interview to interview to interview. They hit it with the same people. It's like, kick somebody be a little creative. So corrosive the Jaguars for at least stepping out of the box. You know Myron Urban Meyer. Yeah, well, we'll see. We'll see how he does. He's very successful, but You know, you go to the pros of those guys. If you're coaching in the pros, they can tell you what to do, right? Oh, yeah, That's the thing that Hey, get out there and punt coverage night. No contract Exactly. All right, Steve. Thank you, man. Five awaited debut Be 80..

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