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Join us here on the program with marcellus and foreign them let's switch sides and look at the nfc title game it's the eagle's it's the vikings the eagles have been underdogs at home both of the first two weekends obviously the unbelievable comeback by the vikings put them in this position after being the saints last week who do you give the edge to in this game and why are we are going to be a super bowl i like the vehicles man i i really do uh i really feel great secrets clapping mix quote can you just a dust if these guys over the top you're not really reliant on him out and make things happen i think he has uh you know he has a good about a weapon around up and i think he's you're going to go out to ask you to tell ban out you know he he's he's kind of been there before facing them has not uh so this piece david we'll we'll see who confounder five affect workers step when it staged rallies this this is tough tough situation the p and if you haven't been here before right right now i disagree but uh sunday will come and wilfley disagree i grieve that i i can't wait to call you will take you right after that game i gotta castillo with an app i think i'll be call you first have like i told you but we're going to figure that out big dog book uh jacksonville obviously underdog is move the lines move nine to seven and a half that said i make you head coach give me the game plan how you going to beat the new england patriots.

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