Clinton, Lisa Bloem, Lisa Bloom discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


That lisa bloem increase the offer of donations to her two seven hundred fifty thousand dollars but she still declined to take the money woman text that blown that day that she didn't mean to let her lawyer down you didn't let me down bloom rolled back you came and spoke to me and made the decision that's right for you that's all i want it all right so he or she obviously had calmed down by that now lisa bloom confirmed to the hill that she flew to virginia to meet with the woman after she had changed their mind several times about whether to go public in the accusations at cetera sutter w we invited her to meet with us at a hotel room it cetera cetera bloom said the donor money was never intended to entice women to come forward against their will nothing can be further from the truth as some photos ask for photo licensing fees by the way the photo licensing thing is a scam that networks used to pay people to give their stories at just this that's how i see it anyway hearth and the woman who decided not to go public said they never gave uh they were never given any names of the donors but bloom told the woman who declined to coq come forward that she had reached out to political action committee supporting clinton was my understanding that there some clinton super pac money that could help out if we did move forward the woman wrote bluem on october eleven 2016 of if we help the clinton campaign they in turn could help or compensate us bloom rope back uh let's please do or call up already reached out to a clinton.

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