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W M A L news at 802. I'm Steve. Coming. Ah, woman is facing weapons charges after having a loaded gun in her car near the White House. TMZ reports, the 66 year old was stopped at a checkpoint near the executive mansion yesterday, she told officers she was there to see President Biden and give him a letter. Police then searched the vehicle and found a loaded handgun. She was charged with having an unregistered gun in the case was turned over to the Secret Service. The former chairman of the Democratic National Committee is already looking at his next political move. Tom Perez tells The New York Times he is seriously considering a bid to be Maryland's next governor. He gave Governor Hogan credit for speaking out against former president Trump. However, Perez claimed the process to get vaccinated against the Corona virus has been nothing less than chaotic. Lots of questions remain as Fairfax County police work on their first homicide case of the year. Friday. 20 year old Jalen Keen was arrested in Newport News and charged with shooting 20 year old Samuel. No, You got to death in Reston Wednesday, spokesman Major Ed Oh Carol, we come two hours and hours of video surveillance and a multitude of locations, frankly, between Perfects County and Newport News, looking at your surveillance and certain financial transactions track this defendant, he says they're trying to figure out the motive and the relationship between the men both went to South Lakes High School. It was a hero's welcome yesterday for a Loudon County sheriff's deputy who left the hospital where he's been for a month and a half after being shot four times by suspected shoplifter, sheriff deputies and others clapped. His deputy, Cameron Gentry was wheeled out of the rest in hospital. His father, Tony was there to everybody's telling me him his partner who helped save his life whenever he got shot. Both heroes did their job the way that they're supposed to, and this was just one of those hazards of the job. I'm proud of both of those boys and everybody else out there that wears the badge. He says his son cannot walk on his own yet and still has a long way to go to recover. W M A L News time is 804 now. W M a L traffic and weather from the Hadid carpet cleaning traffic center. In Virginia were still recovering from a 66 eastbound incident involving a tractor trailer for drivers approaching the Beltway. We find the right lane blind as well as the right side of your operates a special coming into the Beltway next six before a little bit of a slow go for you with associating congestion idiopathic this incident. What delays from Nutley Street As for the Beltway, however, without incident or congestion for you on the inner and the outer loop at the moment, but we still experiencing closures over on the southeast end of the district or round Wheeler. Road. It's way fallen tree and downed wires You won't avoid, Wheeler wrote in both directions North and South Close between Southern Avenue. This is the avenue you need to use an often around I'm Terence Young breath now from garage door appeared. Calm. The W M A hailstorm. March, 7 forecast Whether alert a winter weather advisory has been issued North and.

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