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History of racism essentially so we did the banderas a gesture towards that to have a conversation about that well could get enough for me that completely explained they unfurled at as they were honoring a veteran this was the key now this is something that happened earlier this year at fenway you're you're mixing up the two your must have the two incidents they they'd been in a million herat now on as the banner was unfurled the bank said that that was that was that was a preview middle east asia and and i just went only in fact believe the number ambulance and he manner of i don't remember that airbus suburban did they wouldn't say it said di hockey at least out of her that didn't get as much more than i do i it was not good how can that didn't get as much attention you know i mean it's a good question well what do the gets more attention race or the middle east our it depends among the middle east's a kind of a hotbutton topic of times i would think it depends what you right this was so stupid obviously the long as you preferred that they route a something specific i would i would say he want like a manifesto that people have the really racism is as american as baseball could tell me how that affects anyone is i mean it's exactly as americans baseball or more so how does it affect i would want to effect change at one of the first one hundred get the sin and so that wanted oh i know that it's pretty says bad our friend our friend michelle mcgann the our friend my showman pieces sources told her to an inside job zola wouldn't be surprised there's lots of social justice wars over there fenway park where like an inside job like somebody who were found how shows that j h maybe you think turned henry maybe help amount i am substantiate by i can't i can't a kennedy said kenya's i have today i have no comment with olaf yes seb kelly they'll ask him if he had some hand in this and.

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