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Sydney Word 17 minutes past 9 17 minutes past seven Wednesday morning in Hong Kong in the last little while we have had a core CPI high numbers for the month of May out of South Korea rising by 1.5%, beating the estimate of 1.3%. And that is the biggest year on year rise we've seen since 2012. We're expecting a similar boost when we get Australian GDP numbers for the first quarter out a little later wrong that's expected to be ever write about a 1.5% bump. That would take growth above a pre pandemic levels. And we've heard analysis today. That s 6 200 earnings estimates are also back at pre virus levels and were expected to see a pop. On the Iast six by it a little more than 1/10 of 1% when we get going at the top of the hour Nikkei futures looking kind of mixed at the moment, a little weaker for those traded out of Chicago again to the tune of about 1/10 of 1%. This follows not a great deal of change on U. S markets. We didn't have zoom quarterly revenue, however, beating estimates sense soon, also boosting its forecast for the full year. Oil has been that moving today We have a barrel of West Texas right now, sitting your back 67 83 at the moment. Oh pick plus forecasting more tightening sticking to its plan, however, of monthly production increases until July, anyway, but not giving really much guidance. Be on that. Got the offshore Yuan. Also, it's 6 38 not a lot of movement there, despite the best efforts of the PBOC, and that is the market update. Let's get a check now of global news. Get over the way. Baxter in San Francisco it year, Paul Myanmar's military government has up moved on sans Souci from her residents to.

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