Mr Massar, Chief Financial Officer, Masire discussed on Rush Limbaugh


And right now is just to complain in it hasn't gone anywhere but essentially what the federal ethics complaint alleges is that mr massar traded official action from his office for a political donation earlier this year in spring i think it was march massar met with the chief financial officer for mutual bank i'm simplifying a very complex thing here and they were we're having some issues some things that they were needing to work with the federal reserve on and masire's office sent a letter to the federal reserve on their behalf and at the time messier had met with the cfo chris cook well couple of weeks later chris cook ends up making eight political donation to luke massar in the amount of five hundred dollars and you can see where that might look bad now this guy chris cook has come out and said hey uh uh you know messer did this stuff for me we didn't have any quo um you know i was really impressed with what he did i want to start getting back involved in in politics in my nation and there was an event that they were hosting for massar at someone's house i was planning to go any way i went i i made the donation and again i'm not saying anything wrong when on here we don't know it does it again this is what congressman do this what they're office does they help their constituents of which mr cook is one and people are free to give money as they want but i thought in the article there was a quote from peter murphy and he's the director of indianapolis university of indianapolis center for ethics he kinda summed it up he said it certainly doesn't look good the appearance of a conflict of interest is worrisome because it a rhodes trust and clearly congress needs to do things right now to regain trust an peter murphy is pretty much spot on i mean again this happens all the time and.

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