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Happen sir breaking news all right. This comes in from our injury expert. Matthew bats cooper kupp is a name to watch. Today fell on his wrist yesterday. And there's concern for a potential fracture. So there's going to be an mri in the next day or two so pay attention. All right Lets you try to trade for robert. Woods I is hard to me. It's more like it's probably a waiver. Alert for reynolds jefferson sure Yeah all right Amari cooper one for five. Adam feeling three for twenty seven. The weather was real bad in green. Bay i'm not worried about thelander jefferson. I moved them both down in the rankings. Step morning due to the weather. You guys agree with that one hundred percent and also dalvin cook said you. Don't get to throw the ball. Yeah yeah tyler. Lockett four for thirty three. It's just the way it goes. Yup what are you doing with cooper though you you glossed over it but i mean. Obviously it's not going to be the nucci forever. He'll get dalton back. Cooper's just the one i wanted to have but maybe not this week and then on the by. Somebody tried to get rid of them. Yeah i mean you got two weeks where you. You can't play. Amari cooper in my estimation so if i could trade him i would diontae. Johnson exited with a hamstring injury. Came back in the game. He was only one for six in this one dallas next week you probably just deontay we. We have supported you over and over and over and over my man. I think you're great. I think you're eight tremendous wide receiver chain. Change your so so there's got to be fixed here. We got to keep you on the field. Yeah it's gonna be hard to sit him against dallas next week if he's on the field you probably just playing him Yeah and then you're just You're you're saying prayers for for his hamstring's and his groin and his and we'll we'll see you here for this discussion next week. A right nelson aguilar. This game turned sour with the weather as well. This is breaking news. Jason more wide receiver for the chargers had no targets. Oh next week. Oh we get that. Td jarvis landry had eleven targets four catches in this game. Couple drops again. He's been dealing with the drops skis. Well he's got a broken rib. That was a bad weather game too. I was gonna say i. I remember some of those targets that were just horrible and you could see the ball moving in the air. I'm not worried about eleven targets is the focus here. He is going to be very good. Yeah i think higgins was goose in that game after eleven targets. The week before tight. End stinkers are you worried. Mark andrews is very boomer bus yet again. it's more jackson jackson stinks. He's not playing. Well i mean he's fine for fantasy because when you run you get more fantasy points but when you watch him throw the ball. He stinks hollywood. I'm worried about mark andrews if you're a pass catcher there's not i mean the exact opposite you get this little deepali. Yeah you get this little tiny single serving delicious hostess apple pie. I love them. But i'm not sharing twelve of my closest friends. That's one bite. No you're not. that's what i feel like. It's happening sharing it with one of his need up. Full mark andrews. You know get that whole thing. We need all the targets to one person. I darren waller whether game. Don't worry about it. Jonnu smith though. Yeah i mean he's not been good for a while. No the the emergence of corey davis. There's it's very disappointing of what we saw at the beginning of the season from johnny. But it's fading away target four two and that was after seven five eight seven. So yeah the targets. Say you got to look elsewhere. Dallas her one target. It was insane man. He was on the field over eighty percent of the snaps one target. What are you doing whence on her catch rate. Sixteen yard took it to one hundred. He's the drew sample size while a wasn't like richard rodgers was bringing them in because he had zero targets. Rogers farewell y- well as soon as governor was activated. It was you had to abandon yup. Yeah and also you had to abandon got her that's what you didn't know apparently Other important tied in situations i mean. He came back four targets to for fourteen everett. Five or thirty two here in that boat every week with the ramps it it. It could be a situation with but he is read a cup. That's what i'm saying. You got pick you still gotta pick one. You still got to pick between everett and higby. Nobody wants to do that. You wanna know who is. Yeah who is it mike. Who's the guy gerald gerald. It's i know i know. I know it's his name. It's a funny name. We get it gerald. We get gerald. Why are we doing that. I know there's no reason. Why ler we would g g everett. When are you taking his name away from them as not nice. Gerald deserves gerald. 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