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She's just like grasping at whatever she can get and so she's GonNa fly in the face of the Martha Mafia and go talk to billy who we learn is is there contact at bills and he's the bartender and he likes money so he's getting yeah yeah and I feel like we'd leave her in the midst of trying to figure out how she's going to get to him yes and Beth arguing about even talk fatty Adia Path. I think Beth at this point is like yeah. Whatever the hell you're about to do because because billy she's seen what happened with June's previous plans exactly even vouching for June? She was like because I think she even. It says like I should have never mind she goes. You're crazy so yeah because even talking about billy being their contact and helping them. It's not because he's like this up guy. It's because money doesn't care billy's kind of you know go and he's kind of mercenary from the lack of a better term mhm he's GonNa go with wherever the cashiers <hes> in the situation. Oh look at you Boston. How Star Wars Bounty Hunter Knowledge I love? I love it <hes> so back to frighten Serena show now. What does the happy Christian family do? In the evening times. Obviously somebody plays an instrument and they all gather around and saying inglorious aureus harmony and what do they sing hens. They sing the only thing that I think I've seen as much as Gloria which is Dona nobis Parcham. I couldn't even believe that this was like after the week where we had the Gloria thing where I was like. Oh Yeah I sing glory way too much <hes> they had the full on Dona nobis Bochum which I never heard that before this if you're ever <music> wire secular choir and we did not sing this. They went to a lot of church choir practices with my grandma but I don't know them singing this apparently my church was just very different flavor church but doesn't sound saying it so much is ridiculous so it was another one like no no. Nissan that anything but they're saying it's thought it was kind kind of lovely to listen to they were they were into it but <hes>. Fred Serena seem a little uncomfortable with it which is interesting. I just thought they seemed uncomfortable with each other. You're comfortable with most things but I thought it was interesting that Serena usually and kind of the 'cause like Oh my God children yeah. She's very much not like that. So which is another another indication that she's like. This is a point at which she is maybe for real struggling with decision. Maybe maybe I'm not I'm not sure it feels a little bit like she's waffling but as we know the best way to not be in doubt with Freddie Moore's to have a conversation with him and have him answer her questions and then you're like. He's like one of those totally worth giving you because I feel like on the surface he could be like a guy who's like because he's a puppy dog right like at moments he can seem like sweet dude <music> and be like all Abacha but then he like but pisses on the corner over there on your like dom it doesn't matter sweetie the golden retriever sorry golden retriever people. I'm sorry I just insulted your favorite dog. I don't like <hes> okay then that's okay. I know people are GonNa be. I don't really I like I like all dogs. I just make in front of Golden retrievers because they're like. I don't know how to explain them. They are like the sunshine and rainbows yes..

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