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Your whole strawberry he's get the men the plane greek yogurt pat i like using greek joerger because it's little baker you can get good coverage with that place the dips strawberry is on perch meant paper on a trey and then freese for about an hour or so and that yogurt well freese right on to the strawberry and that's it well on another easy frozen treat is homemade pubs to calls i love this on and you don't even me pops up or molds for these but if you have pops go molds go ahead and get them out if not you don't meet them he all you need is a half cup of your slay strawberry so if you have some left over from the flag use it for that us a third cup raul calle or spin edge the quarter cup of your plane on friday yogurt and then there's small paper cubs like the kind that use for mouth wash or you can use your pops a call malls if you have them and you also need possible sticks of course tim you can get those at a craft store or anywhere you're gonna combine all of those ingredients into a blunder worse fit process error matchup to lead and whatever you want to use until smith and you made it out a little bit of water out of time at the next or seems to back to work so maybe you like a table spent of water out of time and then key blending por that mixture into the pop circle molds or your paper cops and then place possible sticks and each one of them you're going to freeze for at least two hours are so until are completely frozen through and then serve and enjoyed a and those you can also stick and the caller with some nice and all make their way to your destination or you can just assemble them once you get.

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