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Atlantis news and talk. It is five o'clock that afternoon. I'm Chris Chandler lies and the WSB 24 hour news center. The traffic is horrible, and depending exactly where you've been this afternoon, the weather May have been as well. Another line of storms headed this way. Kirk Mel is coming up shortly. Let's get that traffic first. You probably headed out of town right now. Here is Doug Turnbull passed through town. We've got a temporary traffic. Red alert here on 75 sounds and get us all right under the bridge and I 5 75 year next to McCollum Field all laser shut the other trying to tow this mangled pickup truck out of the way, but no traffic is 55. Highway 41 or even 5 75 itself. Ours your alternate around this thing, and we've got big top back up to on the South side. $75 is gonna have a lot of 20 minutes. A delay between Morrow and McDonald's 75 North start shaving in for Bill Gardner Parkway Eggs into 12. The express lanes are open again and pointed south down at the downtown connector is just layered with that red paint, so to speak both the ways that delays both directions between the airport and fuck it. 75 is slow and all of the doorbell rush hour areas and a couple of president matters on. I 20 Mike Shields. Cool, Rick. Everyone's have Exeter. Double trouble in the West Freeway vehicle Fire being downside 20 westbound on I 25 exit 51. That's a multiple right lanes. This west of that you'll say about the brakes getting past Riverside Parkway Exit 46 were a long lasting crashes and Two left lanes Highway 78 a great ultimate from West Atlanta through Mableton into Lithia Springs and a cab county. New trouble. I 20 westbound Panola Road Exit 71 blocks at least one left lane brake light stretch back the life Sonia coming to Highway a great alternate triple team traffic 95.5 WSB as promised. Governor Camp signs couple executive orders. One of them does prevent schools public schools from requiring masks for students. Instead, the new guidelines in the order signed by Governor.

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