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And he said can I help you? And I said, yeah, we're looking to rent a car we wanna go off property for for a meal, we can either take a cab or a weekend rent a car. What would be the best way to go or? No, I we started in the conversation. We came up with should I take a cab? Instead, he goes, well, you can take a cab. But a cab is probably just going to rip you off. Okay. Well, this is good. He's giving me. Some insider information building my trust. And I'm like, okay. He's on my side. Right. So he said, I can get you a car. So he picks up the Avis phone that sitting right on the desk, and he makes a phone call. Now, he's speaking in Spanish to the other person. So I can't hear what they're saying. I have no idea JJ doesn't speak Spanish well enough to know what he was saying. So he says, okay. A buddy of mine is coming. He will be here the next day. And again, I'm thinking great Avis is coming drop the car off. It's going to be great. I said how much is it? Just again, I'm checking he said he said the Avis rate is sixty three dollars. So it's going to be sixty three bucks, white go. Excellent. So the guy comes the next day, and my first clue should have been that. They didn't let him in to the gate. He he the car had the stay on the elder side of the gate. I had to walk outside the gate of the resort to do the paperwork. Okay. Big. And the first thing is this probably is not a good sign, but again JJ's there. She does not like when I when I create a ruckus. So or or when I think negatively just go with it. So I'm like, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. So I go outside and I started filling out the paperwork, and I notice he's using actually not like a not like a computer printed form, but a form that had been like like Xerox. If you boy. Wait, like a thousand times end like all the words are kinda like they're in English. But they're like really a little bit leery because they've been copied so many times. Yeah. And in addition to that, he's using carbon paper, okay? Hang on. Now. This was to rent a car for to go out to one meal. I wanted to go we wanted to go JJ had a property called floral farms that she wanted to go visit the property, and they have a restaurant in a spa, and they have some neat shops. But it's not on the resort. So we could be there taken a taxi or we rented a car to get there. So we decided to do the car thing. So yes. So it was going to be for not just one meal we figured we're going to spend the day out. We're going to go into the city of Kabo. We're going to just drive around. We're gonna go to this restaurant. We're going to enjoy the day outside of the property guy. Okay. All right. So filling out the paperwork, and I noticed that the bottom it says like in kind of blurry little bit blurry logo. It says euro cars. Like like hold on. This isn't this isn't enterprise. I mean, this isn't Avis this is Europe. And I'm like, I said the JJ I'm like after the, you know, doing all the paperwork might, hey, this, isn't this isn't Avis. This is Europe car. Should I be like a little bit leery? And then we thought now we don't have to be leery because the guy at the hotel kind recommended it. It's a resort. Maybe they're going to be a response if something happens, they'll be responsible and aside from the fact that I felt like I was taken advantage of are led down a false path to get the car. There was no negative experience with the rental car itself other than I felt it was a little bit sketchy the entire like why didn't he just say? Hey, this isn't rate. Avis. This is your zero cars, it's the same price. They have the same details. It was a new car. I mean, it did have the fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror. I thought. Joking. I'm joking. That would have been if it was imported Rico..

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