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Toms gonna make a hundred and fifty million ball yes and he may leave yet barriers air dave leave here with twenty thirty million lei or we know now you've told me before i knew it i was getting hurt when i played i do wanna get the league is basically doing what you're saying it's a trade off i know i knew i was doing irreparable damage in my body and i truth way welcome back march at eric davis here let's move to kamnu who hasn't won a full practice at panthers camp since developing soreness in his surgically repaired shoulder his right shoulder last week but cam not the only quarterback having trouble in training camp andrew lock hasn't even taken the fielded cold practice this year and is still on the physically unable to perform list wit lock who you more concerned about cam or luck i'm more concerned about cam because happiness is based on expectations and i think the expectations for cam newton or through the roof he's he's two years removed from being me mvp playing in the super bowl uh he's got he's flamboyant announced but not outspoken but he's just sit out there personality he's put some pressure on himself he has to live up to the hype that he has his play is generated he generates with the way dresses the way he handled himself i'm most concerned about cam newton because you know i i think ron rivera is both coaches begun in a tough spot to but but i think the relationship between cam and rob revere is at a critical point it's a make or break year they've given him the pieces to work with to make a break here for can yeah i disagree i think cam has the advantage of better owner.

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