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Articles or book the death of retail and so forth and I'm wondering if if that continues if we could see a situation where the s. and p. five hundred could become the s. And p fifty or p five and where hundreds of companies could just drop out by, by, having Amazon and. WalMart be everything I know sometimes it must feel like we're heading in that direction I can certainly understand why, people would Get that feeling I think some people were surprised. When Amazon went out and acquired whole foods and the Justice department. Had very little to say about it I think there's as long as the Justice department is inactive in that area. Then they, can just you can acquire as many companies as you can afford to. Acquire as long as you don't have any interference from. The Justice department I mean. That's exactly what you. Saw when Amazon dot com took. Over whole foods there was basically no real pushback, from the Justice department the deal went right through, it happened pretty. Quick so that's the way it works if they're not going to say anything, about it then certainly companies are going to make strategic mergers Yeah so I if that. Becomes extreme it's just a. Little bit scary about. Even had like s p y. Having the sector funds and with with the idea, that maybe hundreds of those companies could slowly disappear Well I mean it's already? Happened in a way. I mean, the number of companies out there has been shrinking pretty. Dramatically and edition, to that just look at the industry's look what's happened, to? The airline. Industry what do. You have now basically four major carriers. I. Mean couple, of decades ago you, had a dozen or so so I mean what do you have now you have four major carriers right you American you have delta you have south west and you have American delta southwestern United right yeah, four? Major carriers. And everybody else. Compared to those carriers they're minor players Yes It's already happened in some. Sectors that's. True But you're right I mean it is there is a trend toward consolidation and consolidation has a tendency to reduce the number of. Companies that are out there? With one exception what about all the startups what about the? New companies that are that, are out down there haven't been many. IPO's but still there are companies. Being added Seemed. Like I remember PEOs are common, at the peak of the market is sometimes, used as an. Indicator for the market cycle and so there are a lot of indicators out there okay I mean they're literally over over you could easily put out over. One hundred indicators when you? Start talking about indicators keep in mind that okay this indicator? Might say one thing but, another indicator may may say something else Yeah you're right there's there's tons tons of indicators in the IPO seems like they're they're not in line. With anything that they're not overheated Tom believe me the. They're. Not overheated, so so like I. Say this stuff is all over the lot sometimes but when these things start to, get on the same, page. That's a different story, that's a, different story for sure appreciate the call Tom This is America's. Money program money, talk.

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