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Okay. Because he didn't sign a new deal with the nuts. It was an extension. Right. Do you guys feel any Kawhi 2019 vibes around this Kyrie trade cheers from Chile? Man, we've had Australia. Germany. Now Chile checking in? What happens when this happens when we do the show? The fun Fridays in the afternoon. That's right. Awesome. Kawhi, no, because people want to play. Yeah, I mean, there's a big difference, but I understand that we've heard all these connections, all these were waiting and thinking it's going to happen at any moment. And then the deal just never comes together. Right. I understand why people would be feeling kind of a similar way. But I think there's enough differences to where we can say, no, this isn't quite the same thing. Yeah, no. That was sleepless nights. A butt kicker Russ is an offensive initiator. That's why you got him. Yeah, but then his finishing at the rim dropped off. And so he lost that efficiency. And the turnovers and all that kind of stuff. Again, that's, I think at some point, that's what Russ used to be and he's going to have to transition into something else like Carmelo Anthony used to be a go to high post scorer who could just give the ball to when he would shoot over everybody and go for 35 any given night. Dwight Howard used to be a dominant player on both ends of the floor. You could just throw the ball up to the ceiling and he'd go up and slam it down. Eventually those things change and sooner rather than later Russell Westbrook is going to have to make those changes. I mean, here's the other thing too, right? How useful is Russell as an offensive initiator of people don't respect him from beyond 5 feet? Sure. Everybody just packs the paint and like, look at the offensive initiators this past playoffs, right? Like Steph Curry, Luka Dončić, to a lesser extent, Jason Tatum, even Marcus smart, like these guys are people that you still had to close out to. If it's Russ, you know, bringing the ball up, running picket rolls, everyone's ducking under packing the paint. Not great. No. And that hurts the value of other players on the planet. It's not even just a rust thing. That's everyone else is negatively impacted by that. Sean Edwards said you can kind of replace Caruso and KCP, but we killed the LeBron era when we traded 6 ten two way wing Kuzma for nothing. We won't be getting another one. I think they did undervalue

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