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What was the question again? My what do you make the stoppage? I thought the stoppage overall was quick. Yes. I don't think it was quick enough for me to you know, sent out tweets, and look he was getting battered the one where his head snap back on that sort of half. Uppercut that's enough for referee to be put in position to make decision. I think when you add in that he's never fought at this way class that he was vicious and now we find afterwards that he has PIN photo essay thing and and seeing that was like. I think that factors into I was fine in the end with a stoppage. I will call slightly early. But there's no so split second. You know, you see something with these things are happening. A lot of times when somebody gets rocked a fight you'll see the referee leap as if they're going to stop it. But those those hesitate one second just to see because they're they're they're having that that conflict with themselves like to stop it or let it go. And you see guys go out take the extra damage or recover. It's like there's never going to be a perfect situation. It's perfect. It's perfectly possible that dillashaw might have recovered. He was saying that he was already going for the single egg zone on this. What I saw rings as a cage side is a guy. What you're saying? He was he was rocked. He was going backwards. It looked like he was going out. So it's hard to fault them. You can't fault them. But I understand though in a fight like that for a guy killed himself. You know, and all that get down to that weight. And I supervise everyone you understand it. What you want it to be more definitive? I think that. It's a really hard thing to to to figure out, but it doesn't help when dillashaw is going up there saying that it was stolen from him. And all that stuff. But I just don't envy the referees in those. I just don't think you can win two. I'm not one of these guys who has any hesitancy about blasting nephews. But I just don't think this is that case did I think it was a great stoppage. No, I didn't think it was a great one. It wasn't super clean. But number one like it's just with people wanna get on me for being like, maybe we should find a way to live with drugs that are never going to go away. And those people are like, oh, you should beat up guys until they're perfectly unconscious and the brands I've been rattled like, I'm the savage one. Okay. I'm sure that's true. Not at all. So that's one part about it is is that the other part is you look, Kevin McDonald? The guy's been wrestling for almost fifteen years now in these men events, lots a little bit less, so okay, but Google any referee. Herb dean, John McCarthy Leon Roberts Marcotte all these guys and you'll find they made some bad stoppages because it's impossible not to make about stoppage Google, Kevin. Donald you can't find one right? And you cannot find was the first time he's ever come under scrutiny for one. And it's not because he's not been resident the UFC level. He has been not the mandate level. Okay. But then you're like dude shouldn't some of these guys who by the way, if you're doing well on all the pre limb, and then main card fights, shouldn't you get a main event slot once in a while, and it was a little early. It was a little early. I'm not gonna sit here and go hardcore, but it's like guys wrestle on instinct, and he doesn't know the difference between nine and all the things you brought up. It's like guys who rock go for single on the they think they're going for a single, but it's on the referee. Yeah. Is anger is more not in a hatred of of TJ conspiracy theory, but more in their ESPN plus debut main event, I don't want this to end in Kane. Guess one in the kind of did actually half the time thirty two versus one hundred and four seconds. That's the point. I never considered. Yeah. Yeah. But but the point they did so much other than I again, I thought the controversy, and it was probably pretty good for it. So probably everyone. Everybody wants cleanliness in terms of the Finnish..

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