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To be what Houston Thomas to cheat that sounds given to be to be one oh four three my FM it's one of four three my FM in downtown in the morning is back with the girl scout cookie by back five thousand dollars for one troop now's the time we nominate that one oh four three my FM dot com slash cookies somebody that I don't know the second set then and just like it's we just like the person that is just somebody no thank you when the and then it just this is a on the all the but we can't you he needs more music more variety four three yes them the like you said you felt so I tell myself for and that is so a Christian nation please some friends it's going to go and it's one of four three my FM more music more variety Hey there it's Matthew blades and thank you so much for having a science of easy money's coming back on Monday six o'clock in the mall an invalid time will be here with your chance at one thousand dollars if you want to check out all the details they are on the contest out of our website we're back.

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