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Show is being radio. Anthony. Hey, bob. Thanks, take him a call. I agree with everything you saying about homeless guys at the steel is almost Steelers fan, but how much how much of the buying should Big Ben Kaik for not banging down the door trying to get out there in a situation. Like that. Don't know. I don't know what was said on the sideline. I just saw him standing there with his arms crossed or with his hands up in his shoulder pads washing Josh Dobbs. Go three and out over and over again. Yeah. So it's a fair point. If you told me he never once went to Mike Tomlin and said, hey, get me back in the game. What's going on? Then. Yes. Maybe he should share some of the blame. And it's very hard. I think it's very dangerous from a media standpoint to put yourself in the body of a pro athlete, and and I'm supposed to tell you. How injured he was supposed to now tell you how much pain he was in. Nobody knows that other than Ben Rothlisberger. All I know is at some point a conversation was had and at some point. He said, yes, I'll go back in. Well, that conversation should have been had way earlier. Than it was had because when you're on the road and a four point game, you need to be one of those two guys needs to be the alpha male and say, hey, we got we got a hold this leave. We've got to ridiculously difficult games coming up. We have to win this game against a lousy to win team. We're we're winning in the fourth quarter. That conversation has to be had way before. Apparently it was had. Apparently, it wasn't had to the lead was lost. Yeah. Great. All right. Thanks for the call. We're gonna take a quick break. Again. That is the.

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