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Beautiful turn out for the, immediate family but there's a lot more family that's not here that. Are grieving he was, a sweet sweet and Djelic child very. Soft spirit, fun loving had a. Beautiful smile. Very smart Is tragedy and a. Tragic loss Michael's mother was taken into custody on suspicion of drunken driving. Forty seven year old, Wilbert Thomas Detroit is expected to be arraigned today in connection with the crash that killed his seven year old daughter Thomas was arrested Friday and placed, in custody by the Romulus police department according to a thirties Thomas was allegedly driving a stolen van on ninety four while under. The influence of alcohol and marijuana on July fifteenth with his daughter in the vehicle the van collided with. A disabled car on the shoulder of the road and struck a fence according to a after the crash, the young girl grabbed her belongings left the vehicle and. Attempted to cross, the freeway where she. Was hit an Inkster woman was bound. Over for trial Friday on charges, related to her her leaving her three-year-old alone her son alone in. The parking garage of motor city casino last week twenty five. Year olds, Lia Williams and her. Sister were Gambling inside the. Casino, while the child was alone in a vehicle. On the third floor of the parking garage she has been charged, with second degree child. Abuse and leaving a child in a car unattended jed tosses out the latest attended by embassador bridge owner Manny. Maroon to block the building of the Gordie Howe bridge judge Robert Colombo. Tossed out a suit, by many maroon to try and block the seizure of maroon owned land in the pathway of the Gordie Howe bridge the Maroons zone about twenty parcels, the final ones needed to complete the new bridge about six hundred other parcels have already been acquired Dan stamper the president of. Maroons ambassador bridge company says they do plan to appeal but Andy doctor off a lawyer who serves governor. Snyder on all aspects of the new bridge says m dot will soon have all the land needed for, the footprint of the new bridge Ken Rogulski WJR new. WBZ news time, seven oh five with. Traffic and weather first here's Lena The segment trap morning. Good morning to you are meta traffic I a service of the are met. Or I should say they are made a fair. We are still watching an earlier crash on eastbound ninety four this is just after ninety six at the blocking the left lane and, it's also on both of the shoulder, so there's a lot going on in that area you. Are asked to pack your patience you'll have weekend construction, on eastbound six ninety six completely shut down from telegraph all. The way down to seventy five the lodge Mt in Rams have both north and southbound eastbound six ninety six is closed for the weekend and keep in mind the Southfield freeway m thirty. Nine both ways that stretch between Ford out to mcnichols only the left lane has passable all those. Projects that. I just talked about aside from the traffic or I should say aside. From the accident those are in place until five AM on Monday morning for a country good time visit the made a fair August thirteenth through the nineteenth with tons of fun.

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