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Of Superman it's a storyline adventure with you for the past month or so known as the secret rocket it played out back in the fall of nineteen forty seven and this is part twelve I've still got a speeding bullet or powerful than a lot able to leap tall buildings in a single bound one of one of the bird one today Kelloggs pep those who burn serio super zooms over Mad Kelloggs pep the sun shines Kelloggs pep those softwares serial presents they had but yours today as Superman leaves Richard alors house with the tiny rock and model a strange scene takes place between however and one of his henchmen the same which bodes no good for the man of steel don't worry Joe everything's going to be all right you can't miss the how about houses surrounded by cops and wherein such which so far ma'am I mean the cops as for Superman he's in for a big surprise yeah I mean you'll find out and so will he and this is working out perfectly Joe a plea now.

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