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To like nowadays where obviously you got like social media kind of where everything's. Going to be translated as everybody agrees or everyone hates. So you gotTa have light outrage anger hate social media will destroy discount. Can you imagine if social media was around? Then there are children have never seen. Sol. Campbell kickable for Tottenham low him had it brought down from their parents and the audit like the I'm like follow Tottenham and Tottenham firm for they never saw him wear the. Put his dead number, one public enemy and he is an absolute busted and I gotta be honest here there is a that's that I understand the audio of light is a strong words and I understand the we kind of could do with a little less solve this kind of feeling but in football sense against it are so get it. I get it in terms of you're allowed to. You don't realize even more anyway if you to leave the one rule. You don't go to the local rivals, but even then in terms of the reality is one of the reasons why spurs absolutely him for doing that is because he went because also of baton. Spurs I answer I know Eddie Trophies while spurs continue to be buying average and not Even, more brings your own inadequacies to like because in terms of looking at giveaway villa have add pliers to blaze but one player go to blues he basically I soon as he signed for blues basically his unveiling conference was taking the villa shirt burning sticking two fingers up guide. Sporting Blues he goes nowhere near the same stick camcorders because those any good. You cannot retin by something. Yeah. He not really effective or kind of what you laugh Offi kind of. Funny Oh good for you I work, but it's Campbell of. Not Complete Bust. Now, it gets rubbed in your face every day almost you it's to. There is another thing as well but Lewis things I want to solve one is Ed Moina point the Point. I'll do the point I, which is Ekos Nothing Donald. Spas had been rinsed for what would have been an exorbitant figure that song twenty million donate our rays have love eyebrows. To look at it. It was probably maybe a year liked to Ferdinand goes to united for twenty, eight, million numbers of also. Works. Let's say. Of Gunther to Darcy's ridiculous money on if you guys aren't wanting to maybe echoes for nothing I, Guess Single Penny for him. The other thing I would say is. Very, much an English football coach thing because if you look on the continent players go from rothwells. Milan Inter, Pasa rial these transfers happen maybe or maybe not..

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