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Theodore. There's no evidence that Sam abused his grandson. According to Ted, he was never the victim of his grandfather's violence or of any abuse. For that matter. In fact, he loved Sam and even looked up to him. Ted Often recounted his childhood, an idyllic, almost unrealistic way, and though he was far from a reliable narrator, because there are no documented accounts that he suffered childhood abuse. He very well may have been telling the truth. Though we'll never know definitively if ted suffered any sort of abuse, physical or psychological at the hands of his grandfather, there's no doubt that he witnessed the abuse of his female relatives at a very early age. This experience would have surely shaped his perception of manhood, and very possibly his violent tendencies. According to social psychologist and Abuse Specialists Donald Dutton. Children who experienced domestic violence are more likely to develop an abusive personality. Dutton found that male children in particular were at a greater risk than their female counterparts of becoming abusers. This was especially true in the case of young boys who witnessed abuse against others rather than being directly victimized themselves a circumstance, strikingly similar to the one young Ted Bundy was raised in. However Ted, only lived under SAM calls tyranny for first few years of his life in nineteen fifty, when he was four Ted, and his mother Louise, moved to Tacoma Washington to live with relatives. Ted was devastated to be taken from his beloved grandparents, who he still believed were his adoptive parents, but Louise was determined to start a new life with her son far from the abusive household she'd grown up in. In. The summer of nineteen fifty one louis met Johnny Bundy at an adult singles night at the local Methodist Church, the too quickly fell in love, and it wasn't long before they were married afterward Johnny, formerly Ted giving him the name that would become so infamous decades later. Ted Bundy. But despite this gesture of love and acceptance Ted was never very fond of his stepfather. He described Johnny as dimwitted and resented the fact that he didn't earn much money. As a military cook over the next ten years as louise and Johnny added four more children to the family, Ted became emotionally detached, preferring to spend his time alone. As a kid, and especially as an adolescent Ted was incredibly shy and self conscious. He had a speech impediment that often left him stuttering, and he had few friends throughout his school years. He generally struggled to fit in however Ted's memory of his own childhood was entirely different. The picture that Ted constructed of his youth for psychologists and journalists was like a Norman Rockwell painting. He recalled summer days, catching frogs and Playing Marbles and pee wee football with neighborhood kids. He played up the fact that he was a boy scout, and that every Sunday the entire Bundy clan went to church. Strangely Ted's mother Louise echoed this saccharin picture of his youth. Even after his crimes were revealed, she described it as a very normal active boy. Our Son is the best son in the world. And perhaps Louise Truly did believe this about Ted. After all, he became increasingly skilled at hiding his less savory activities. During his adolescence, Ted began his criminal career as a peeping Tom. He would sneak off into evenings and prowl his middle-class. To Masturbate while he watched women through the windows of their homes, this voyeuristic streak eventually dominated more and more of Ted's life as a teenager, it became an all consuming routine, and he would return to the same houses to watch the same women until the early hours of the morning. As far as we know Ted, was never caught, and as a result, Louise was never conscious of this deviant side of her son. In fact, it seems no one was explicitly aware of Ted's darker inclinations, but his peers always knew there was something off about Ted. In High School, his classmates often said that Ted didn't seem to be all there. He was aloof and never got too close to anyone. He never went drinking. And despite developing into a relatively handsome young man, he never attended school dances, or dated at school, just like at home Ted was a loner of course heads memory of his time in high school was once again different from reality he recounted being perhaps a bit straight edge, but also claimed he was a good student and talented athlete. In Truth Ted's classmates remember him being both a mediocre student and a lacklustre athlete. It seems Ted later over wrote his entire history with the version. He wanted to be true. This is in part because Ted had big ambitions for himself. Resentful of is families lower middle-class economic status. He was obsessed with elevating himself to something he felt was greater more elite. Ted Desperately wanted to be a successful lawyer or even president, but he knew he'd only be able to accomplish these goals if he became a particular kind of person, someone Suave and intelligent, popular and capable, so he started rewriting the parts of his life that didn't fit the mold, and soon he was given the ultimate opportunity to reinvent himself. He went to college. After a year at the University of puget sound in nineteen, sixty, six, nine, thousand nine year, old Ted transferred to the University of Washington in Seattle and went to work reconstructing his identity, he threw out his timid personality, and formed an entirely new persona one that was intense, but likable, intellectual yet all American he taught himself to smile with ease and talk with steady unwavering eye contact with each new person he met, he tried out this new self until he honed it to near Perfection Essentially Ted was practicing the charisma and charm of the kind of politician thought he wanted to be to gain more experience with this political persona firsthand. He volunteered on a local campaign. Around one thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, seven, ted volunteered for Republican Nelson Rockefeller's presidential campaign, working the campaign trail gave him a built in social life. He never had suddenly he had a group of friends, campaign staffers and other volunteers and a variety of political functions to attend. These events gave Ted real opportunities to test drive his sparkling personality with practice. He found he could strike up a conversation easily and fit in at any function. These newfound social skills also landed him his first girlfriend. In one thousand, nine, hundred, Sixty, seven twenty year old Ted met Diana birds a fellow student at the University of Washington, Diane was the kind of woman Ted Dreamed of. She was tall and beautiful with long dark hair, but it wasn't just Diane's looks that Ted adored. She also came from a wealthy family near San Francisco. She was worldly, sophisticated upper class. Ted.

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