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That he had done, and I told them like I greatly admire what he had done for our sport for the positions in front offices. You know, he's in the hall of fame where he should be an I was just picking his brain. Because you know, he had done a lot of media. And I said, you know, Bill I have a lot of mixed emotions today because you know, for twenty five years I've been the room and now I'm in a different position. And to be care. I have very mixed feelings, and he had a great line as he usually does Adam he said, you know, Mike, you don't want those mixed feelings to go away. Because that means you cared. You worked hard to get there and from a human nature standpoint. Like, that's really healthy. And at some point you should share that with your listeners. And I thought that was. Such interesting insight. So to answer your question, of course, like have you been with those guys for so many years at lie guys that I know really intimately. It was very surreal to you know, here Miami dolphin pick, you know, and not be part of it. I just kept focusing on like, hey. Dan, Quinn is a guy that I'm very close with good friend. How chance to represent 'em years ago? When of the many things that the Quinn taught me out and was he's like be where your feet are. And I think a lot of successful people live by that. So I heard Christian Wilkins his name go off. And I was really concentrating on like I'm gonna try to do the best ESPN radio drap rock cast, and I possibly can do. And that's really like where I try put all my efforts and energy. But when that pick, you know, when they turned in the card, you know, obviously, it definitely resonated with me from a personal standpoint. What was your assessment of the way your former Miami Dolphins team drafts? They took Christian Wilkins in the first round pick number thirteen in the third round. They took a guard from Wisconsin, Michael deeter in the fifth round a linebacker from Wisconsin. A couple of concerts, Andrew van gingko in the six round, Ohio State of -fensive tackle, Isaiah prince seventh-round Auburn fullback channel Cox. And in the seventh round the Washington running back. Miles gaskin. But was your segment of what you former team did their Mike. Yeah, I really like Wilkins starting there. Like, if you go back all the way to Suffield academy like he has really really special sort of leadership selflessness authenticity like people just rave about him. And I remember coach marseils when the lessons he always talked about was the great players have attributes you can't see and how they affect others. And you know, I don't know Wilkins, obviously. But it just sounds like he has a chance to be one of those types of foundational players where he could affect others mak- Fitzpatrick year ago, the player we drafted a university. Alabama was a lot like that. So I like Wilkins in Brian flory's is defense in particular their front seven Adam versatility is a hallmark of that defense. And I think we'll have that sort of football IQ where they'll be able to move around and one week. We'll be talking about him at a classic three technique. I'm sure the move them around on the defensive line all through the year. And he has the ability to do that. So. Sometimes players have a lot of Billy on the field. But maybe not the football acumen to take you know, all these varied assignments. So I think there was a great pick. Obviously, you know, the bigger move that people talking about is Josh Rosen Dreeze your that was their second round pick. And look I like it. I talked a lot about how you know, there's cost certainty for four years. He went on the road last year. Adam he beat Green Bay on the road. It's very unusual for team to trade up three and a five which did in two thousand eighteen and give up on him after year if we look back at Jared Goff. He threw five touchdowns in year one that was under Jeff Fisher, they moved on from Jeff Fisher, Sean McVay came in through twenty touchdowns in year two hundred Sean McVay. So I'm not saying that Roussel's can take that sort of step forward. But Jim Colwell the associate head coach of the dolphins..

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