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Christian Science, Monitor there were fourteen thousand and more broadcast stations both for TV and Radio Plus more than ten thousand cable TV stations. So this is all being done at the same time. And I it's able to reach a lot more people. But they're already talking about how they can reach people via text message. And in other locations, you know, they're, they're already talking, again, about how they can improve this the system to make it reach more people, which is, you know, kind of funny since it'd probably reaches more now than it ever has before, but I, I can imagine proof. It's going to do things like promoted tweets. Yep. Yep. Well, there are you laugh, but I can easily imagine that. It's just I know. And I absolutely see it, and it is also important to, to, to realize that this does more than just announce say an attack at Colorado. Would there are more than I believe, eighty different kinds of messages? They can use the EAS where including things like child abduction alert. I've seen those more to. Yes. And here here in Atlanta, we have a, a highway that goes around the outside of the city known as the perimeter to five obvious reasons. Yeah. Highway or interstate two eighty five and their electric signs that they can use them. A lot of a lot of times, you'll see stuff like a well, there's a traffic up ahead or you know, be aware. There's an accident, but they also use the this messaging on those signs as well. So that's a way for people to for the authorities to reach us with these kinds of messages on the side note, how can highway that circles. A city that's all within one state being interstate Jonathan. I'm just asking these are questions that have the, the happened in my head, and I want to know why do you drive on a Parkway in parking and driveway. Also wanted him that I don't name these things. I just report them if our legs bent backwards hoping to chair look like. What if there were no hypothetical questions? Oh, that's terrible. All right. So now now that we've totally killed that, but yeah, the is supposed to be able to turn on certain types of radios, and TV's and other devices to allow people to receive these emergency messages, which, of course, will inspire many people to go, you know, the government is trying to take over our world, which is all right for them to say, I suppose. Yeah, I mean they're they're ways for, for them to reach us in to let us know if there's something important that we should be aware. Sure. So, you know, it really has involved quite a bit since the nineteen fifties, when the first system was put into place and similar systems to this are in place. In other countries around the world. Specifically focus on this one because it's the country we live in so again, apologies to all of our listeners overseas. Hopefully, this was interesting to you just on, on the level of, how do you take something as simple in, in concept as getting a message out? How do you take that, and then applied to a very complex world, and it's an interesting approach? It's not necessarily the best one either there may be other purchases. That would be though, it'd be more efficient and more effective than the emergency alert system. But you know that's what we have. So if you guys live in a country that has a similar system, but it works on a different way. Let us know tell us tell us about it. You know, if you from with that kind of thing, because I find it really interesting. I mean, it's very important concept. And it's like I said, this is not the only way to get it to work. Yeah. And it's a challenge reach that many people in a very short time to let them know that there's something big. Important that they need to know. It's a matter of public safety are public concern. We've definitely come a long way from a guy on horseback. Riding yelling out. The British are coming the British coming or, or Fidelity's. Hey, could you run these twenty six miles? Right. Twenty four. I mean, come on. If people whilst between marathoners. Yeah. And if you are interested in hearing, the bits about the, the accident search for. W. O. W O, e-, Bs and you'll probably come up with it. Pretty quickly the website, I mentioned before is actually ST L radio dot net slash pages slash Bs accident.

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